NNT Corp Draft

Inermis 745

Game 1 Win :
Consulting Visit to HHN -> Score Meteor Mining Kill!!! :)

Game 2 Win :
HHN -> Closed Accounts, Psycho for win

Game 3 Win :
I rushed Oaktown behind barrier and Beale. Runner went tagme on RD via shadow. I best defensed Equivocation draw an agenda, and psycho it.

Game 4 Lose :
Scored 4. I was drawing for 3/2 to score from Audacidy.. Got hit by apocalypse, and lose to Indexing into Agenda and HQ run into Agenda.

Game 5 Lose :
HHN -> Closted accounts, Best Defence Breaker... runnner Snekdoor Beta and get's 6pts :(

20 Nov 2017 Sanjay

This deck looks rad! So many cool weird tricks.

Incidentally, I don't think you can kill someone with HHN then scoring a Meteor Mining. If you look at the turn timing pdf, the last opportunity to score an agenda is during the Action Phase, and HHN as a Terminal operation ends your action phase. Agendas cannot be scored during the discard phase.

This kind of thing happens a lot. I wouldn't sweat it.

20 Nov 2017 Inermis

You are right, you can not :)
My opponent only have seen Best Defense and closed account, so he removed only 2 tags - so I can not trash his breakers and stayed low on credits. Because of that he could not contest remote where, in next 1 or 2 turns, I had scored Meteor :)

20 Nov 2017 Sanjay

Oh, sick! That's awesome.

I know I had to double check if there was a scoring window, so I assumed you were in the same boat. Sorry for assuming!

Also, now I'm even happier to hear you legitimately dropped a meteor on the runner.