2Dano 4Kabo

Zerothmaxima 122

Not gonna lie, stole the Au Revoirs Kabo idea off Danosuke on Jnet, then cut one of the Mining accidents for a couple of critical tech cards, and put in Ubax instead of Earthrise, much smoother draw for those long and griding jinteki games.

Anyways, get your Aurevoirs setup fast with Wu and SMCs or Scavenges, then pop in a Dhegdheer and Maven for a 5str rig that busts through most things. Grind money off any server you can while you build the rig and turning counters, Don't faceplant into Chiyashi and you are usually golden!

9 Mar 2018 yads

You totally deserved a better fate against my Palana. Looking forward to more Shaper-nanigans at future tournaments.

9 Mar 2018 BizTheDad

I've been experimenting with Ubax out of Wu and I agree that the draw seems more consistent. That said, have you had issues finding it given you only slot two?