Uuhhvhju444 (3rd Stockholm Regionals)

mcbeast 1018

Hasty is good. Hasty is nice. Hasty hates MopaxX with Vamp. Hasty hates Saccon x 2 + Clot.

Ultra Violet Clearance makes deck go vroom. Laugh at all Crim and non-Vamp Anarchs. Little harder against Shaper with Clot. Otherwise ez gg no re.

Mother Goddess is nice. Install Mother Goddess on HQ or R&D and one Excalibur on HQ or R&D. Runner not coming in. Nice.

If troublesome and Parasite, be smart and overinstall Mother Goddess with Mother Goddess. Cool. Nice tactic against Egret. And then Ark Lockdown. Very hateful.

Here is combo list. Go luck! This is the combo list