Canonically Correct Wu (14th, 19th, 59th @ UK Nats)

cableCarnage 2573

This is the Reaver Wu played by process/snare bears at UK nats. As mentioned by leachrode, we were convinced that R+ was the best corp and we had to play a runner that could fight it well.

After PoS on Friday, we went to the Sheffield Tap for drinks and deck discussion. We were happy with the core of the deck with the following observations:

  • Pinhole Threading is great in the current meta and should be played here.
  • The deck lacks central pressure, allowing the corp to focus on the remote. Stargate with Mad Dash is our attempt at correcting this.
  • The deck has great drip econ so it should be complemented with as much burst as possible to speed up set up. Three each of Sure Gamble, Creative Commission and Overclock are key for this.
  • We want as much card draw as possible while sticking to 45 cards. We all agreed that Stoneship Chart Room is the best one for the deck, followed by Spec Work. Diesel did not make it due to space.

We all agreed on this list for Wu, played about 3 games of it, cut DJ Fenris for a second Pinhole and declared it good enough. Kysra (replacing Gauss with Propeller), binarydogs and myself chose this deck for the main event. Two of us getting a shiny holographic laser Wu by Jakuza may have influenced the decision.

In theory, this might be the strongest runner. With perfect runner play. In practice this deck gives you too many choices and you will make mistakes. I can blame all my losses to misplays. The deck always had answers but did not guide me towards correct decisions. For me, the deck went 3-2 in Swiss and 0-1 in the cut. Nonetheless, this was the top shaper at the tournament.

UK nats was incredible. Spending time with this community is an absolute joy.

29 Nov 2022 crowphie

it was lovely to meet you - congrats on your placement!

29 Nov 2022 bowlsley

Only 45 cards? This is not the canon I signed up for!

29 Nov 2022 Havvy

Loving this list!

2 Dec 2022 Council

Was there any concern about PE? In testing, it often felt like Wu's econ was so dependent on trashing your cards that you ran out of steam sooner or later.