The Anti-Virus Business is Lucrative: Undefeated on Jnet

demoy 396

The moment I saw Cyberdex Sandbox spoilt I knew I loved it. What makes it so perfect? I was already running Macrophage & Standstone in my Jinteki never advance deck. Now I am getting paid to be me.

The other major turn was rotation removed Switchblade, D4v1d and Powertap, clearing the way for Anansi and Macrophage dominance. I have won about 10 matches on JNet so far. I have yet to see any Aumakua or Yusuf (just lots of Pelangi). I imagine it's close to unwinnable for those breaker suites.

The deck itself is pretty straight-forward yet awards thoughtful plays. Thanks to everyone I played. Later. (play tips below)

Unless starting 5 card in HQ are near perfect, mulligan for Cyberdex Sandbox. And attempt to score before the runner can pass gearchecks. Keep Cyberdex Virus Suite in HQ as long as possible for: (1) keeping grip full for Celebrity Gift, (2) swapping with Project Yagi-Uda. (3) Late game use Saraswati Mnemonics to turn Cyberdex Virus Suite into bluffs.

23 Dec 2019 Two_EG


23 Dec 2019 HolyMackerel

Love it :)

Question: how do I best leverage my money into victory with this deck? Tested it a couple of times, and I always seem to end up where I'm richer than God, but Runners still break my stuff...

23 Dec 2019 rex_monolith

If it runs rich maybe Sandburg would be worth an include to convert the cash into ICE strength at no cost. Its 0/5 so even just as a tax on the runner its good (and neutral so no influence issues).

23 Dec 2019 demoy

@pang4 hey. Great question. The most important tip is don't try to wait till "the right time to score" even if the runners calls your bluffs right everytime you will [if your like me] have a more fun time than turtling up and waiting for Biovault. And from my experience since we rush early we are usually 2 points ahead so even if the runner calls our bluff right 50% percent of the time we win in the end. Below are more practical tips (In 3 parts: money, upgrades and ice) to tax out runners.

Runners will often break Macrophage when your credits appears to be limited: So I rarely purge manually, and save up my money card in HQ until needed, even Rashida can be used as a bluff with your ID instead of a money card, which brings the next point. Don't never-advance out Project Yagi-Uda unless your on game point. Even if the runner steals it with once advancement they will realize you mean business and will run the remote on future advancement assets and upgrades. On-upgrades, unless it is alone Biovault shouldn't be in a server with less than 2 counters. We tax runners with ICE which is also why I don't install Cyberdex until I think the runner can afford to run thinking it's an Project Yagi-Uda. Finally ICE, this one depends on the specific situation but in general: after you score your first agenda (Cyberdex Sandbox or Project Yagi-Uda with an Advancement) you want to reserve your first taxing ICE for the remote, and your second to the central with the most agendas (Often R&D since we rush to score early). Macrophage is kinda like an Ash when it's not the outermost ice, so getting them down early means the runner will have to break Macrophage with breakers everytime once an ice goes in front of them. With that in mind don't put multiple Macrophage on the same server.

3 Jan 2020 Skandrino

19 ice and no Jinja?!

3 Jan 2020 demoy

@Skandrino Jinja saves clicks and money and in exchange give the runner info, this corp list has great econ and the ID saves alot of clicks. Jinja is a great card that would strenghten our strenght and not our weakness. I think you should consider cards first that would add another axis of attack such as cutting a Celebrity Gift and replace Gatekeeper with another ICE to get the slot and influence to add an Aggressive Secretary. Trashing 3 breakers with our ID would break any runner, especially since Anarches are bad at breaking our ICE.

6 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Yeah a secretary could be nice! GFI is bad in a rush deck because scoring it (for 0 reward) costs a lot of tempo, it's much better for kill decks. Could replace those by SSLs.

6 Jan 2020 demoy

@Skandrino we only need to rush to score the first Cyberdex since is it more than half our econ. After that I can play rush or glacier, the money from Cyberdex is good enough to rush out food. Food is better since we tax runners using ice so requiring them to steal 4 agendas is great, Future Perfect is good but I see Film Critic, I do sometimes discard Celebrity Gift to handsize. I figure if I got get Cyberdex early its the best econ. I still haven't lost a game with this corp list, runners are struggling to break our ICE. I think runners might just be weaker than corps overall right now.

13 Jan 2020 Caedus

I pasted your PurgePay™ system into a Weyland rush deck and it was TONS of fun!! Cheers xD

14 Jan 2020 demoy

Awesome list. I image Arella give you alot of the Saraswati id benefits while letting use a strong ID. Cheers.

21 Jan 2020 GcFlash

Warning untested, random 'but why X' post.

Busy working on an GameNET: Where Dreams are Real version of this... because I hate myself.

I think I'd drop the Celebrity Gifts for 2x NGO Front (I understand it's technically a nombo with Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration) or maybe NASX (which could be fun with Cyberdex Sandbox) 1x (insert trap card of choice). You don't have any don't come in to HQ (Snare!) after using it and too few bluff installs (for my wacky taste)... hell I'd be swapping out the IPOs too lol

17 Feb 2020 namad

So, I love this deck, but I wonder... why Saraswati Mnemonics?

It seems like an ID you can only use maybe twice all game long. sure you can use it to save 1 click when trying to score 2/4s and 3/5s but other identitys can save you 3-4 clicks per game too. The bluffs? No one seems to ever fall for mine, because before I reach "late game" I've already had to do things like put the cyberdeck virus suite on R&D or H&Q because I'm overinvested in protecting my remote, because this deck has to build a strong scoring remote?

So thoughts? Is there a better id for this type of deck? I really love cyberdex sandbox, but putting the virus suite on R&D against a stargate or a shaper just seems like 100% chance to get value out of cyberdex without a risky bluff?

17 Feb 2020 demoy

@namad My own impression of Saraswati is wth Celebrity Gift, Rashida, and Purging it's really hard to do everything I want to in some turns. In those turns the ID helps, outside of those turns it can bluff. A similiar ID can be done in another ID ( I don't have to relie on pure bluffs nor an unreachable remotes because I do try to score early and muligan to get agendas (3 agendas is better than none in your opening in my oppinion). So when the game reaches mid to late I have Project Yagi-Uda or Bio Vault saved up. And not that much agendas in R&D. I have swapped ICE on R&D midrun to stop Stargate runs. Yes placing Cyberdeck on R&D is a great idea (I honestly wish I thought of it). I lose alot of agendas early with these strats. That's OK, this deck is pretty much a tempo deck, the ID is a tempo ID as well as. I force runners to interact or be so far behind in agendas they can't ignore any bluff. Goodluck and let me know if you come up with anything cool.

30 Jun 2020 disperse

With Tapwrm everywhere after the new banlist I've been trying this deck out, it's still good! My only modifications so far are Vanilla becomes Envelope and Cortex Lock becomes Engram Flush.