I cut Liberated for Day Jobs and made Day 2

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Origin story.

So while testing Mystic Miami in Val, I found that she too often overloaded on credits and I had to trash stuff. I also found that she had huge antisynergy with liberateds. So while complaining about this ("I want an event that costs credits and gives me money but I cant come up with anything") @lostgeek proposed putting in Day Job and @tutgetgut said it sounded good. It later turned out that Asger was just memeing, but I still found it much better than Lib (10c for 4 clicks instead of 5), also because I am a terrible player and often install Lib when I shouldn't, and it's way easier to avoid these dumb decisions if the tempo hit is so obvious as it is with day job.

Tech choices.

Anyhow I decided that turtle was a bad AI solution (because you need 3 counters to deal with excal) and pelangi lets you break stupid non-barrier ice with paperclip which is good. I think these were good choices.

Polop deals with a lot of incidental stuff, but also jeeves and recoco, because I was scared of being too slow for the asa matchup. If you draw this card early your matchup against both combo and sft asa are pretty okay. #sloptheplop

Pad taps synergize well with mining accident and the idea is to slow the corp down or speed you up so you can take more clickdraws. This is sound theory, unfortunately not good enough vs. Weyland rush who can just run away without trashing them.

What was not a good choice was not playing more draw. This could be either Earthrise, Diesel, Deuces (but is deuces draw???), idk.

unstructured final paragraph!

Deck is good, Val was fun, lots of memes were had about Day Job at Worlds. I'd be lying if I said that playing it for the memes wasn't half the fun.

Val is fun, deck was good but probs not fast enough to carry me to cut.

Praise Nisei for hosting worlds, I met so many lovable tryhards and I loved every second of it.

9 Oct 2019 5N00P1

Was a pleasure to see you on the streaming table!
We have tried 3x Mystic Maemi and then running Isolation as you can also use it for Daily Casts and itself. But only as a 1x or 2x.

9 Oct 2019 lostgeek

For the record: I was honestly not memeing with the Day Jobs and believe that when including 2x Maemi, switching Career Fair + Liberated for Day Jobs is the better choice.

9 Oct 2019 Labbes

Oh yeah I definitely think it was better than Lib for this meta.

9 Oct 2019 Klopstock

I love your mat.

10 Oct 2019 Pommes

Did not notice the Day Jobs. Maybe that is because of your TOTAL DUMPSTER FIRE OF A BOARD STATE! Congrats Buddy! :D