K2CP Beige Vigilant — 2nd Place, VPC Highlander, 2-1

Nykride 37

This deck is just willybn1's Tallinn Beige Vigilant with Security Testing switched out for K2CP Turbine since the deck felt a bit weak to glacier strategies. Never ended up installing the Turbine, but I did use it as Emergent Creativity fuel for boat once.

The deck just feels like a "play good netrunner fundamentals" deck, like every Nova deck I've seen.

Spent a lot more time building my corp deck.

Game 1: Loss vs enkoder: Got hit by Gaslight into HHN early, and just as I was recovering, an Above the Law score took out my fully loaded Daily Casts. Didn’t recover from the tempo hit.

Game 2: Win vs TyrellCorp: This was a long one, and moneying up via a big Fermenter, Poemu + Taka + Twinning let me control the lategame.

Game 3: Win vs pj20: Had a really good draw here. Turn 1 Diversion gave me time to set up. I challenged the remote early, and pj20 popped Border Control to save a Project Atlas. Turn 3 (?) I had Emergent Creativity into boat, and this let me Stargate lock him hard, keeping him away from any ice that might matter.