¿Por qué no los Deuces?

aleph_c 620

It's the return of Prepaid Stealth!

¿Por qué no los dos? cheer

Pick two uses for two influence in two cards:

And swap in two more cards from 23 Seconds:

Mirror replaces Astrolabe, because it refills both our Cloaks and our Prepaids.

Dai V is included mainly for two pieces of ice, Tour Guide and Komainu, since they are two of the bigger annoyances for Dagger.

19 Jul 2016 jjthejetplane246

Love this deck, and with less asset spammy decks, Mirror > Astrolabe is an even better choice....also Dueces Wild is nuts. Great deck, gonna play this for sure.

22 Jul 2016 lukevanryn

Dai V also eats Next Silvers for breakfast. Great deck; thanks for publishing it!

22 Jul 2016 JohnnyMilton

Love it

27 Jul 2016 Saan

After playing non-stealth Prepaid Deuces for a good bit, I decided to give yours a try, and I think I might like it a little more. I made a couple changes; namely, I switched out 1 Quality Time and the Corroder for 2x Lady (I just like the card a lot more, and having 2 of them seems to be enough), and I swapped the Film Critic and a Maker's Eye for an Indexing and a "Freedom Through Equality." I'm not finding Film Critic to be as useful around here any more as most of the Jinteki gave up on The Future Perfect for a bit due to the prevalence of FC (and so the cycle continues), and I really like Indexing and Freedom in Kate right now. I wish I could do a second Indexing, but the space is too tight imo.

So far 2x QT has been fine, as I usually also draw with Deuces, so you really zoom through the deck. It's rare that I have to Levy to close it out, but it's nice to have the option.

Anyhow, nice thought combining Stealth with the Prepaid shell!

27 Jul 2016 jjthejetplane246

Same, I pulled out a QT (don't need 3 for sure, 2 is almost too many, might switch the 2nd out for Indexing). Another thing I noticed is that I never really used Mirror for its ability, just for the extra cloak. I wonder if Astrolabe is better since CTM asset spam might be a thing coming down the pipe. Seems like a meta call, although the ability would be useful with Indexing/Freedom in the deck....plus not having a third cloak can be a pain w/o lockpicks/silencers.

2 Aug 2016 jawZ

First of all I think combining Stealth with PVP is a brilliant idea, since you don't need the tools currently available to the standard ProCo Kate builds (mostly Stimhack, Datasucker and Parasite) as much as they do. You do lose the Clot and HQ multi-access (though most ProCo Kates are just playing a single TTW as well), but you can't have all the things nowadays I guess. The clue is: HQ pressure is not THAT big of a deal anymore, esp. with a stealth build and with the NEH Astrotrain gone.

What you gain is huge for a stealth deck! Deck acceleration to setup decently fast, burst money to trash stuff and being able to keep up with trace races.

Some suggestions following:

Replace the Corroder and the third Quality Time with two Cerberus "Lady" H1, like Saan already recommended. It's the more efficient breaker.

Dai V is economically a pretty bad breaker and honestly just a counter versus Tour Guide (no parasite here, I know), but I think this deckslot is otherwise a bit wasted. If people in your local area still play Hot Tub, by all means: slot it in. Otherwise you are down to 45 cards now (yeey!), but don't tell calimsha!

I love TTW in multiples in my more aggressive blue decks, but I'm not sure if it really pulls its weight as a Legwork replacement being a singleton. Never impressed me that much in my non-stealth Kate. It's not a bad card even as a singleton, but I replaced it and a Deuces Wild for another Lucky Find. The main reason is another deck slot and I also went with "Freedom Through Equality" instead. Nevertheless we can surely agree that there is a space for one or two Influence to personalize the deck a bit.

Some other Ideas: If you think that you don't need the Film Critic, you can add Paricia or a Lockpick. The Lockpick would also open up a possible Atrolabe transition. You could also think about switching the Plascrete to a Sports Hopper.

This is great deck nonetheless and I'm just nit-picking to personalize and perfect this beauty. I really, really like the idea, thanks for sharing!