Big Beefy Bioroids, efficiently researched [RAM1]

TonyHawp 8

Hastily thrown together in the two hour window before the first tournament, without too much knowledge of the card pool or even considering Runner options.

I saw Janus 1.0, Fairchild and Bioroid Efficiency Research and went from there. Mushin No Shin was a previous love, and I saw (and misread) Red Planet Couriers so based everything around those.

The misread was that Red Planet Couriers was a double, the fantasy being that I could gobble up advancements for a from-hand Mandatory Upgrades score thanks to Cerebral Overwriters/GRNDL Refinerys/NGO Fronts that were thrown out earlier via Mushin No Shin.

Tournament results page:

Card pool for Random Access Memories 1 (December 18, 2021):

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