Hard to cut down to 45 (3rd, 5th, 7th, 22nd, 39th at EUAF)

lostgeek 2291

It's hard to cut

Coming from the Fite Nite tournaments, we knew we wanted to iterate on the list. Games against Sportsmetal seemed alright, but were slightly unfavored for MaxX. So we started trying some changes. One obvious target was the 3 influence bound in Tranquilizer. Since this card was mostly just the fall-back solution for glacier matchups currently not strongly represented in the meta game, we tried coming up with replacements that teched for Sports. We tried 3x Deuces Wild, we tried Reclaim, and theorycrafted some other options. But after fighting with the tight slots of this decklist for a while, we backed out of that idea, since the alternatives didn't convince us too much and it was a meta decision no one in NWE was happy to take.

Everyone was still debating options until in the final night of our team meetup the idea of Paladin Poemu came up and it turned out to be a much stronger include than it might seem at first glance. It smooths out the economic problems of MaxX in pretty much every matchup. Having one credit of steady drip economy is nice and we're never not using those credits. Additionally, in agenda-heavy matchups like Sports, the additional value gained from the on-steal effect is significant and decreases the dependency on Fermenter as your main econ.

The rest of the deck still plays the same way the original version did. Early aggression based around Botulus paired with a strong late-game plan of Knobkierie, Hivemind, Conduit.

Our team played slightly different versions, most others with 3 Laundries on 46 cards instead, but I made the principled decision of cutting down to 45 and it did well in a meta, where Magnets and Border Controls can make your Botulus runs still fail.

Big thanks to PSK and everyone else at NISEI who made this Continentals run smooth and flawless and to my opponents. This was a very fun weekend and let's hope it was the last time, we need to play Continentals online.

22 Aug 2021 percomis

Tranquilizer being like: <img) src="i.imgflip.com title="made at imgflip.com"/> www.twitch.tv

22 Aug 2021 percomis

No idea how that comment broke, it worked in the preview.

Tranquilizer being like: meme

22 Aug 2021 JackMade

It's a güd deck. :)

24 Aug 2021 5N00P1

thanks for the games, they both where exciting!

25 Aug 2021 Havvy

Still one of the funniest and difficult decks I've piloted :)