White Temple (14th at Worlds, 7th in Swiss)

DeeR 952

This is the deck I took to my first worlds. I am really amazed with how well it did. Netdecking really works! (sometimes). This is effectively whiteblades list (Click Click Boom, but I'll let him upload it), I made 2 changes:

ICE Suite: When testing, I found this deck was really poor (clearly wasn't clicking enough). I cheapened the ICE Suite, trying to pick ICE that best punished going Tagme. I switched by 3rd F2P to an Enigma at the last minute so I could have a cheap code gate (good call, I scored at least two agendas that tournament behind that enigma).

+2 Mumba Temple, -1 Mumbad Virtual Tour, -1 Prisec: Again, I wanted the deck richer. However, with PAD Tap in basically every deck, I wanted to make sure the deck wasn't running any drip besides CBG (which Runners basically always trash even with a PAD Tap out). Mumba took that role. Definitely happy with this decision, as I rarely found myself too poor to rez the SSCG when I needed it.

During the tournament, the deck beat 2 Crims (One kill, one score), 1 Wu (Scored out before she could get all her breakers), & 2 Anarchs (Both slower score outs). Lost to a Hoshiko and an Adam.

Congrats to RotomAppliance for taking it! Thanks to SimplyTheOnion & ArminFirecracker for being such a lovely testing group. Thanks to Whiteblade for inspiring me to play CtM despite having literally 2 days of experience playing CtM. And thanks to the lovely NISEI staff for organizing.

I'm not great with memes, but here is the playlist I listened to when playing this deck. I've also uploaded some of my most interesting games to the IPT Discord: