Ice Strength is a Social Construct

greyfield 3915

3-1 at Colorado SC, carrying a too-fancy Azmari Grail Rigshooter to 3rd in Swiss before I left for another party. (Protip: play 3 Scarcity of Resources in Azmari.) Only loss was to repeated play errors in winning situations against Palana Punitive. Beat Palana, Titan, and AgInfusion.

Pretty standard build. Corporate Grant is insane and 3 copies feels mandatory; all games I had one on turn 1 and blanked all the Palana credits/drained 10+ credits over the course of the game. You can possibly live without the Mongoose, and it'd be nice to get some Sports Hoppers in there.

6 Mar 2018 MadDog389

Very fun twist on Gesit. Thanks

7 Mar 2018 Friff14

Why Fisk? Is giving draw particularly viable right now, or could you swap those for Hoppers (which are better, more efficient draw anyway once you get 3x traders)

8 Mar 2018 rieka

@Friff14I think because it's cheaper than Hoppers before you get 3 Tech Trader,and can use legwork after it