Politics, the true fast advance.

saetzero 2500

Technically got 2nd at a Store Champ. Low # of entrants, but fuck it this deck is fun and needs to be shared.

Scores every agenda from hand potentially. Friends is so good in this. NASX is surprisingly good. You can Dealings any 3/2, then Advance 3 times... get your Jeebers clicks, play Clones and bam - 3 point from hand.

Not a great meta deck, but it was very fun and shows promise.

1 Mar 2017 saetzero

Roto is the worst card in the list imo. Maybe a 3rd Friends is better, but I wanted 15 ice and dont know what to cut to make a slot. Maybe a Clones. I dunno.

1 Mar 2017 codychilton13

You need Cyberdex and macrophage then it would be perfect!

2 Mar 2017 x3r0h0ur

now do it in palana with agroplex. Double, triple, or even quadruple your odds of drawing an agenda, while making a buck!

2 Mar 2017 flagellumVagueness

Political Dealings really needs Sensie Actors Union for that extra draw.

2 Mar 2017 x3r0h0ur

Or agroplex...in palana....JUSTIN!

2 Mar 2017 scd

maybe cut the nasx, add a third lotus field and switch the roto to a third friends?

2 Mar 2017 podoboyz99

Maybe cut all the weird HB ice, play Sponsorships and change DBS for Sensies? Idk, it's already hard to protect your assets. Cool deck, but seems like if your opponent plays well it just gets run over.

2 Mar 2017 saetzero

you need the hb ice for jeeves alliance

3 Mar 2017 Manadog

You could lose the architect and replace it with another roto or fairchild 1. Then use the inf saved to make the DBS into Sensies. But if you're already down on the rototurret that may not make sense.

3 Mar 2017 cspieker

I ran a deck like this a while back. I had Team Sponsorships which made sense due to the Turtlebacks. Also you might consider 2 Improved Protein Sources instead to replace the Nisei's. Embrace the variance!

23 Mar 2017 krystman

@saetzero Man, your deck-building is always so on point. This deck is super fun.

I would re-think the ICE suite tho. I'm rarely able to rez Chiyashi and there already are 3x DNA Tracker in here. For example, Yagura seems like a great choice. With cheaper ice, the Mumba Temples could also be Turtlebacks. This would free up a bunch of influence for some goodies.

Tech Startup might be also good, especially with Turtlebacks.