Cool Hand - Huddersfield PE

teacake27 99

Do you like playing glacier?

Are Temujin and Bloose getting you down?

What if I offered you a glacier deck that rarely cares how much cash the runner has?

This deck was inspired by an upgrade spam PE deck and randomly looking at Data Loop. It started with 2 Data Loops and 3 Warroid Tracker, that didn't last very long. This is probably the 5th iteration of this deck and was taken to UK Nationals by myself, going 6-1, and Stephen Horsley, 4-3 finishing 15th.

Strategy: Ideally you want to score an early House of Knives, either off the table or rushed behind a Kakugo. Then score 2 5/3s usually behind double Data Loop with some upgrades. Extra House of knives will be helpful. The House of Knives tokens will win you the game and should really only be used to prevent agendas from being stealable. This is not usually a quick deck, it can rush vs reg Anarch to an extent, but it is designed to build scoring windows based on the cost in cards to get into it's awful remote. Anarch and Crim will run out of cards against this, I Celebrity Gifted showing Obokatas that were unstealable in 3 games.


Economy: Operations were the obvious choice here as you need to be able to threaten early DNA Tracker to put the runner of while you set up. Your scoring remote usually costs 20+ to set up so you need all 12.

Agendas: Obokata Protocol and House of Knives are the cards that matter here, HoK to make windows and Obokata to exploit them. TFP is just there to be hard to steal, Philotic is your worst agenda and is basically a blank 3/2.

Tech: Ark Lockdown because Levy is a card, can also get rid of parasite, siphon and carelessly discarded heap breakers. MCA Informant stops your auto loss to Film Critic, also good for Aaron who narrows scoring windows. Preemptive Action 3 more econ ops in one slot? Yes please. Enforced Curfew: Turns off Strike, opens scoring windows.

ICE: Tracker, Komainu and Mind Game are for centrals. Your remote is just barriers and we care nothing for the subs; they are just a series of on encounter/pass effects that result in a cost of 10+ cards to steal Obokata. Any extra barriers can go to R&D.

Upgrades: Want to make the cards needed to steal agendas more ridiculous? This is how. Ben Musashi could maybe be Hokusai Grid.

Also Snare! is quite good here and makes R&D a grim prospect with a Data Loop.

Losses: It lost a few games where if failed to find enough ICE. Lost once and beat once a God of War deck with Obelus, Komainu on R&D (and them finding all three Snares on one Counter Surveillance run) did work there. It lost hard to Shaper with Feedback Filter and Film Critic by turn 3. Parasifr Whiz is a tricky match up that needs careful play and hard rez choices.

Changes: if Inversificator is everywhere Mind Game can be a liability so could be replaced by Pup.

Rotation: This deck only loses 6 cards and as it cares little for the runner's cash it can play some Medical Research Fundraisers for restructures. the number of 5/3s means you will need Special Report or similar, that probably would mean dropping Ark Lockdown and going up to 3 Preemptive actions. Mirāju is temping but has Invesificator Issues.

18 Sep 2017 Shockeh

If I could like this twice, I would.

19 Sep 2017 shanodin

Played against this at Nats. Was horrible! As the runner you are made to feel totally powerless and if you draw your cards in a bad order (I had tons of early money but no breakers so couldn't use my cards as hit points) you really are stuck.

19 Sep 2017 shanodin

Also, have you considered Voter Intimidation over MCA Informant to deal with Critic?

21 Sep 2017 teacake27

Voter intimidation was considered but we wanted certainty and it not to cost an Obakata. If Film Critic is restricted then it might be more viable as a more general tool.