Equiv Leela: 0-4 at GenCon US Nationals

Caedus 38

This is a slight mod of Cahuita's Equiv Leela they published recently. I dropped the Career Fairs for what I thought might be some useful tech cards, Exploit and Miss Bones and a Hostage to pull my Critic if I was in one of those matchups. Last minute throwing the deck together I couldn't find more than one Turning Wheel so I put in a Blueberry Diesel for it and played with 14 influence! I'll blame the terrible Runner showing on that ;P

Miss Bones was useless as I didn't face any asset spam, I never really needed Critic badly so Hostage was unnecessary, and Exploit actually helped a ton against a Blue Sun deck. I didn't miss the Career Fairs, but definitely missed that Turning Wheel! Probably should've subbed a HQ Interface for it in hindsight...

My Argus went 3-0 in Swiss then lost immediately in the cut.

This deck had a first round bye then lost to something Weyland, Sportsmetal, and Titan in Swiss, then Blue Sun in the top cut. All of the games were fairly close, but all my opponent's played very well!! I feel that I usually either didn't get econ set up fast enough or didn't get the breakers I needed fast enough... Everyone playing and running the event were fun and kind! Thanks for a great tourney.

15 Aug 2019 Caedus

I also forgot to mention that I had my baby on my shoulders during my last few games and my opponent's were all very kind in allowing me to do what I needed to, some even offered to help while not playing - best community ever! <3