Crunchy Nut Dopamine v40 (4-0 in D.A.V.E GNK)

jpsaxby 50

Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1-10. where 1 is "agree to disagree in the context of my experiences" and ten is "Strongly Agree".

  1. I enjoyed my Palana Crunchy Nut breakfast cereal
  2. I shared my Crunchy Nut experience on social media using my personalised portal
  3. I am happy to share my experience data with both the public and Near Earth Hub
  4. The new Marilyn bioroids were a complement to my balanced breakfast of Crunchy Nut
  5. I would recommend SanSan for its spectacular beaches and high trash cost

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"Yes. I found the cereal enjoyable, but I don't think three copies of Palana is the right choice; they are often a rez to accelerate an already positive board state, or search for game-winning cards, and can become a liability if left rezzed for too long. Dropping to two (possibly to include a Drafter) may be the next iteration of the build. Iced personalized portal are an incredible tax and a great revenue source."

12 Jun 2021 jpsaxby

NB: Engram and Slot Machine, having both been hit in the latest ban list, now need replacing!

14 Jun 2021 Diogene

@jpsaxby, Authenticator can easily replace Slot Machine. It taxes about as much. But in the context of this deck, there is now only Peeping Tom that let you see the hand of the runner.

Here, Slot Machine can be replaced by Waiver and Engram Flush by Loot Box.

It is far from ideal and this deck, which rely on Focus Group, has weakened by the ban list 21.06.

Otherwise, like the idea behind this deck. Of note, if influence could be spared, Complete Image could be the equivalent of Punitive Counterstrike in this deck.

Finally, Degree Mill would synergize with Focus Group, since it bring back 2 known card to hand.

Thanks for sharing the deck.

14 Jun 2021 jpsaxby

@Diogene thanks for these ideas, I'm experimenting with drafter and IP block at the moment but think authenticator is a great shout. Standard procedure is often the card to reliably see the runners hand, but adding Salems hospitality back in (sometimes calling a card I 100% know isn't there) will increase this and add in apoc defence. Complete image worked very poorly in testing, firing in less than 10% of games and getting the win in less than 5%

14 Jun 2021 Diogene

@jpsaxby I've tried the deck with the ideas that I put forward. I also went for Drafter. But it did not work out well. I found myself struggling for creds. Waiver is not good enough.

Personalized Portal need to be protected just as much as a Daily Quest. The runner was trashing my Personalized Portal while letting Pālanā Agroplex on the board, it was pretty terrible. I ended up cutting it.

Focus Group cost about just as much as using SanSan City Grid. It felt like the deck should focus on one or the other.

Of note, Seamless Launch work really well with this deck, I suggest you consider it.

I completely agree with you about Complete Image, thank you for your informations, that way I will not have to test it.

Considering the Mumba Temple, and License Acquisition, I think the deck synergize better with the SanSan City Grid plan than Focus Group.

An ice to consider, considering the deck : Eli 1.0.

Thank you for sharing your deck. I liked to experiment with it. Cheers!