Let's sing ironically (twelve at APAC)

Krasty 638

Wiki says: Chastushka is a traditional type of short Russian or Ukrainian humorous folk song with high beat frequency. This deck is all about this!

Game plan is simple again (so as in my corp deck for this tournament, where I explained why I needed this simplicity): you just spam Chastushka as fast as possible and as much as possible. Followed by other sabotage tools like incredible Avgustina with (returning) virus programs and also some core damage tools tools to trigger Esâ Afontov ability.
Was so much fun to play with this!

Ending of one my game was streamed (time: 6:16:30). I just let PE eat their own medicine! With a lot of luck, honestly to say... :o)
Message for streamers: I also love Revolver, specially with Simulchip in anarch deck!

And now time for song: King is dead, long live The King!

Huge thanks for organizers of this tournament to let be running as always!