🔥 Hoshippoko (45th @ WORLDS'22)

xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL) 1005

🔥 Hippo Boat Hoshiko 🔥

Would you look at that? Just look at it! It's a new idea! How about Boat🛳 in Anarch!?

Representing more than 1 in 4 of all Runners at Worlds 2022, this deck is obviously an icon of power and favorable flexibility. I chose to bring Hoshiko because I like being able to adapt with a generic but good ability. Also, Sports is fast, and Hoshiko can be fast too, and I expected to see a lot of Sports (which represented >25% of all Corps).

🧠 Core game plan: With tremendous draw, burst + lasting economy, and your Boat🛳 that you can take everywhere, smash through the Corp's servers until you win.

Strategy & key aspects:

  • Play good orange cards
  • Install Boat🛳
  • Play more good orange cards
  • Stargate and/or Mad Dash to win


Worlds Swiss (4-3):

  • R1 (IainFanAccount) - W vs PE
  • R2 (Ycarium) - L vs Prav
  • R3 (Jinsei) - W vs PE
  • R4 (BinkBonkle) - W vs R+
  • R5 (Extrac) - W vs Azmari
  • R6 (Lopert) - L vs R+
  • R7 (AxWill) - L vs Sports

Crown of Servers (2-3) 4th place team #freetheturtle🐢:

  • R1 (?) - W vs Ob
  • R2 (The King) - W vs Ob
  • R3 (Analyzechris) - L vs Audacity PD
  • R4 (Kysra) - L vs Daily Quest Azmari
  • R5 (Greg) - L vs R+ (turn 2, I trashed a Drago and Dashed to 4pts... turn 3, another Drago entered play, and by turn 5 I had lost 15 credits to Market Forces)

...Not so great over the weekend, and my Corp 'Marsmetal' definitely carried me... https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51cf6b74-d918-48ae-ba56-5256cf3a8456/-marsmetal-aka-tithonium-sports-8-3-45th-worlds-22-

🃏 Card choices:

  • 3x Endurance🛳... Boat🛳 good. The only real decision every Runner should be making is slotting 2 vs 3 Boat🛳. And really, the question is 'why should I not play 3?'
  • 2x Mad Dash... I expected a significant Sports presence, and 2 Mad Dash can give you a massive upper hand. This also helps ensure you find one fast enough against other rush decks, and also gives you the option to Blind Dash if you're calling out that remote (but please, if you're going to Blind Dash, do it prior to finding your 2nd!)
  • 1x Fencer Fueno... I wanted 1 more drip economy card, and Fueno works well against Ob/other asset spams, Bellonas, and allows me to trash cards on sight during central accesses guilt-free. With corps right now on so many utility and tempo assets and upgrades, I'd be shocked if you can't get enough value with this to justify it. Also, Fueno is yet another cheap install to snag a Degree Mill from pR+son

🎓 Honorable mentions:

  • I considered a 3rd DreamNet. Boat🛳 wants to run every turn, and Hoshiko likes DreamNet for running every turn. Like everything else, extra DreamNets are perfect for Moshing
  • Imp(s) would be a fine include over cards like Fueno, Liberated, or 2nd Mad Dash, but I opted out because lots of viruses already, memory for Stargate, and not slotting Simulchip(s)
  • Wildcat Strike(s) would be a fine include over cards like Fueno or Liberated, but I stuck with Liberated to help vs any Hard-Hitting News/Outfit/ACME/PE matchups
  • Chisel would be a fine include to counter Endless EULA, Border Control, etc, but would only be more convincing if you slot 2 Boats🛳 and include 2 Simulchip
  • Chastushuka would be a fine include over 2nd Mad Dash. In a perfect storm, it's a terrifying card to play when you're Stargating back-to-back turns. Also fine if you need a Mad Dash hail-mary
  • 3rd Stargate would be a fine include over 2nd Mad Dash, but your draw is fantastic and that would be silly

"Wait. It's over already?"

Yes... What did you expect? A long writeup about how Boat🛳 is good with Hippo, Steelskin saves lives, Stargate wins games, companions mocking Rezeki's banishment, Dreamshiko drawing 2 cards a turn, and all in a faction that could recklessly include 70 orange cards and lay a smackdown on every Corp in 2021 BECAUSE TOO MANY GOOD ORANGE CARDS? 🤦‍♂️

15 Oct 2022 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

I also want to shoutout the Null Signal Games team for running a PHENOMENAL event - thank y'all for everything you do! This was my first Worlds event, and it was WAY better and more fun than I anticipated (and I expected good stuff!)