Dem Herrings [2nd place Belgian Nationals 2017]

anr_marsellus 1336

My take on Abram's Worlds CtM deck. He already made some suggestions for changes and I more or less went with them. Removing Preemptive Action gave me room for Adding a SEA Source and The All-Seeing-I (gold v Shaper). I cut a Hard-Hitting News and added a second SEA source. Lastly, I replaced all Hedge Funds with Red Herrings.

Adding SEA Source is what brought this deck to where it performed. I did not really have time to play with a lot before, actually I didn't play a single training game with the actual deck list at all (Red Herrings was a last second add).

The deck lost 1 out of 8 games and won against a lot of Hayleys and Smokes. MVPs were SEA Source and Exchange of Information. The All-Seeing-I v Shaper is huge. Getting rid of all the Sacrifial Constructs so you can purge Señor Taps for good, Professional Contacts, The Shadow Net, Hunting Grounds, Beth Kilrain-Chang...

You really want an early AR Enhanced Security - that's - more often than not - already 80% of the way to win. I played this deck with a lot of bluffing. Naked installing agendas because runners will often not run due to Mumbad Virtual Tour etc. Or bluffing a Global Food Initative as a Quantum Predictive Model which you bluff as a Global Food Initiative behind a Data Raven. So kind of a double bluff ;) Even if they call it and steal the GFI, SEA Source + EOI is great. Lastly: Red Herrings <3 People usually have to trash it (like MVT) and often ppl expect an MVT in the remote and go down to 4 creds to not have to trash it - and suddenly they can' steal it anymore.

Possibly changes for v2.0: +1 SEA Source -1 Hard-Hitting News. SEA Source is A LOT better in the current meta. -1 Architect +1 Miraju --> Architect hardly fires and Miraju prevents late game Hail Marys of Shapers. Maybe put back some recursion. The strongest play against this deck is to trash bankers and keep the economy low. Since there is no recursion and no Operation Economy, this deck really struggles against aggressive early trashers that go tag me for some turns and then play Piece in Our Time, Misdirection and remove tags.

14 Nov 2017 dawspawn

The trouble with Miraju though is that it requires a shuffle, so it can mess up DBS agenda burying.

14 Nov 2017 evilgaz

Good work! But Y U NO PLAY WEYLAND!?

I'm on 2x QPM and 2x AR to heopefully see AR earlier, but also have some tag-me protection. Not sure on it, but worth a try.

Do you get much use out of Targeted Marketing? Also, three Resistor two IP Block instead of the reverse? This way lies madness. :)

14 Nov 2017 lpoulter

"You really want an early AR Enhanced Security - that's - more often than not - already 80% of the way to win" Why not play 2/3 of them?

14 Nov 2017 Wet Toastie

You forgot to mention Political Operative as a target for ASI, I never lost so many recources at once :D well played man! A well deserved 2nd place!

15 Nov 2017 RvdH83

Maybe -1 Architect +2 Marilyn? They recur themselves, can be put in scoring remotes and when rezzed a runner almost never trashes them against CtM.

16 Nov 2017 Nembras

Marilyn shuffles all your carefully DBS’d agendas back up. Might be worth it still, but something to consider

16 Nov 2017 theoneakaneo

Great deck, very well played Learnt a lot

Especially why passing a double tollbooth + mumbad + red herrings + project beale with all your money is bad :-)