Fortissimo (Startup - 1st Netbrummers Startup tournament)

znsolomon 236

I've been playing regcrim for a really long time, through Andromeda and 419 and now Sable. I also really like throwing a bunch of Events at the problem, so this deck has emerged from a lot of iterating.

Now, let me be the first to say: this deck is greedy as hell. I've only got one copy of twinning for multiaccess, and only one copy of each breaker as well. However, I really think criminal has the tools to break past any tricky situations you get put in, with clever play, judicial use of pinhole, and single accesses if you have to.

In the tournament I went 3-0, beating a PD, an R+ with an unlucky draw, and a BTL. The game plan looks something like this:

Early Game: mulligan for burst econ, and ideally some aspect of long game (either sustained econ or steady draw). Run wherever the Mark takes you, using the free click for extra tempo.

Mid Game: Once the corp starts icing up, you can start using Mutual Favour to find your breakers (you might be able to get away with just tunnel vision for a bit if you can). From here, just get down your setup cards (breakers, Pre-paid, Cevze and Twinning) alongside getting econ and putting pressure on. A good turn might be: Draw off Earthrise, burst econ, run Mark, click pennyshaver, install setup card. Don't be afraid to contest the remote too, which is where all your Mark runs come in: if you've been seeing ice, then you have a rough idea of what ice is protecting where. That comes in real handy for searching up breakers.

Late Game: Once you have your pieces down, you're golden. Use Pre-paid to charge Twinning on turns you don't want to run. Pinhole anything dangerous away. Use Cezve to make central runs cheaper (you can also use it along with Pinhole to trash targeted assets in remotes). Keep this up until you can grab those points.

In general, this is a pure Tempo deck. You know you're doing well if the Corp can't produce threats fast enough, and you know you're in trouble if face-down cards are going unchecked on the table too much. I really hope you like it!