Superfast Borehole (Gunslinging at Worlds)

Ams 69

It's been over a month since Worlds, but now we have the gunslinging scoops up I wanted to share my decks with the world.

Getting swept by ExtraC at the airport

The two Corp scoops at Worlds were Regulatory Capture and Superdeep Borehole. I did no playtesting for Borealis so I built my decks entirely in the dark. I didn't expect to ever win with Borehole (the closest I got was 2 bad pub remaining) so I chucked in a full playset of Wake Up Call and called it anti-boat tech. The idea was to use Borehole as a guaranteed trash condition, though in practice Wake Up Call never hit particularly meaningful targets.

Reg Cap on the other hand is an absolute beast. At 3 bad pub every agenda in your deck is a 3/2 or 2/1 that can be fast advanced from hand. At 4 or more bad pub they're 2/2s. Most of my games were defined by whether I drew my Too Big to Fails early to support my economy and make my 6/2s playable.

Speed is the name of the game. Envelopment is a great piece of ice for scoring early agendas out if you can't fast advance yet, and while Borehole wasn't a win condition for me, many runners spent 6 real cash dollars up front to get rid of it out of fear. If it hit the table, it was a massive help getting me to that golden forth bad pub, especially if my opponent didn't know what I was doing yet. If I didn't see my TBTFs early then the game would be a real struggle, but if I did then I'd regularly be up 30 credits or so.

If I were to remake this deck I'd take out the Wake Up Calls and slot in some more illicit ice for consistency: another Trebuchet and two Bulwarks.

Getting to scoop these cards was great. Reg Cap surprised me with how good it was, and even if Borehole never went off, the reaction it reliably got the first time people read it was hilarious every time.


(The following appears identically on my other gunslinging decklist)

I didn't actually play in any of the events at Worlds, instead spending the weekend at the reception desk by the entrance. If someone handed you a bag of complimentary masks and some alt arts that was probably me. While this might sound less fun than playing I had the time of my life.

A big shout out to everyone who came by the table to challenge me or just to hang out. It was wonderful meeting so many new and old friends, including many people I'd until then only met online. A big shout out also to all the people who thanked me for doing a thankless job. Jokes aside I do appreciate it.

By the end of each day I'd played possibly more Netrunner than I would have if I'd competed, and my brain was routinely mush. That said I don't regret a single game I played and I was happy to accept anyone who challenged me to a game. I got to experience the full spectrum of decks at Worlds.

Highlights of the week include:

  • Pubrunner with the UK team

  • Losing every single agenda I left in HQ for over a turn in quite literally every game except one, where my luck turned and I accidentally absolutely destroyed someone (soz)

  • Hanging out with the artists at the artist table (complete with signed postcards from Scott Uminga)

  • Playing Jamie's prebuilt eternal decks - there's something humbling about having to play Trypano in Noise

  • Beating icecoldjazz's regular eternal deck - there's something humbling about beating a runner that Account Siphons you turn one and mills half your deck

  • ExtraC coming back after his lunch break to brag about winning a fight against a pigeon

  • Visiting Niagra Falls before my flight home

5 Dec 2022 izzy

10/10 would bounce my Counter Surveillance run off your Ice Wall again!

5 Dec 2022 Ams

Just say no; the Runner legally can't continue the run

7 Dec 2022 NamePending

Congrats on making the most terrifying deck to play against for the whole of Worlds for me. :)))

20 Dec 2022 errantmage

Somebody is going to fit a kill package into this and ruin the meta. Nice work.