A newbie's farewell: Mindblowing perfomance

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A newbie's farewell to rotating IDs: Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star

I've been playing the game seriously for ~6 months, and it breaks my heart to see so many IDs rotating with the new Borealis cycle coming soon. Salemme present you a janky kill list in yellow.

I took inspiration from Andrej's always excellent Métropole Grid (this). This man's wholesome streams helped me get through the pandemic, and are the single most influential resource that got me back into the game. So, hvala vam Andrej, here's to you!


Speaking of wholesomeness, there's none in this list. The plan is to flatline the runner. And it's not a pretty death. Every game I won with it was after a long and unpleasant toying with the runner's grip.

The plan is to reveal the runner's grip with our ID ability, trim it with our dirty tricks, and finish the job when we're ready.

The show

Our show requires a bit of preparation.

  • Act 1: Get money to hire the star and find a suitable venue. the fastest way to keep the Runner from playing the game and getting closer to our wincon is to knock good cards out of their hand. In the early phase, we want to build a ta(gg)xing remote, stick a Regolith Mining License or Rashida Jaheem behind it, and start looking for our guest of honor. It's great to have him in the bin.
  • Act 2: Get your Paperwork in order for the performance. now, we look for a way to set our star up. Hide License Acquisition in the remote (it will look like a second Regolith or third Rashida), score it next turn, and bring the lead artist to the stage. If Licenses are hard to come by, don't be afraid to score a disposable flying friend you can forfeit.
  • Interlude: Some freeriders sneak into the theater. During the first two acts, the runner will definitely snatch some agendas. Don't worry about it! It's actually good news. Bellona is taxing, and Global Food Initiative just upsetting to steal. For our Complete Image to work, we need the runner to score three points. What are a couple agendas when all we care about is the show?
  • Act 3: Building the suspense. Once the show is on the way, we want to keep the drama up. If the opportunity arises, we can think about scoring now. This will keep the runner running and getting tags (or worse), and make them more likely to go tag-me. That's where we want them. It keeps the grip revealed, Ibrahim Salem relevant, Salem's Hospitality a threat, and our Focus Group artists' solos more impactful. While the audience is busy enjoying the show, lets get ready for our pièce de résistance .
  • Act 4: The gran final-ity!. If the audience hasn't yet left the theater, now it's the time to give them what they came for. Archived Memories is a good way to pull it out of the bin.
  • Encore: There's always the next show. Sometimes the show is a blast, sometimes it sucks. If we can pull off our gran finale, we can definitely keep our patrons entertained. Remember that paperwork we signed ages ago? And those sneaky freeriders who got through? In the end it was all worth it. Knowing your audience helps as well to rush out a good review.
  • Backstage: Ice. All good tagging stuff. Not much to say. Time your Pings appropriately. Be liberal with your Turnpike. Who doesn't enjoy some Fun? (The runner).

Thanks for coming to the show! I'd love some reviews, we're always happy to improve our performance. Please, leave 5 stars or a fresh tomato.

1 May 2022 Baa Ram Wu

This actually makes me want to take harishandra for a spin. great deck and write up!

2 May 2022 pouchsurfer

Thanks @Baa Ram Wu. Definitely not a top tier deck, but I had a lot of fun playing it.

2 May 2022 m.p

Interesting deck, I never thought harischandra was meant to kill the runner/fast-advance agendas, it was always just "put a ton of 3/1s here so the runner will get just one agenda point at a time" for me

2 May 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@m.p - I think your thinking of Haarpsichord. Easy mistake to make as Harischandra is very much NU tier.

2 May 2022 m.p

Yeah, I did mean haarpsichord indeed