Fox & Friends (3-0 Louisville Regional)

dawspawn 12

I was pleased to get 6th place at the Louisville regional yesterday due to a random bye and this Smoke list. Wins were against Azmari, The Outfit, and Sportsmetal.

I was extremely poor the whole tournament, but you don't really need money. You just need a Taka credit each turn, Pelangi, and Switchblade. I never installed the Corroder, so you could run Gauss or Lady and save yourself two influence. I'd like to add more draw and money, but the Smoke shell is pretty strong.

This was my first time to Louisville for anything Netrunner-related, so big thanks to all the organizers and locals for a great time that was well worth the drive!

2 Jun 2019 dawspawn

I don't know how to link to a deck in the description, but the deck is obviously based on Ajar and Cluster Fox's lists.

5 Jun 2019 Cluster Fox

Thanks for the shout out. Glad you had fun!