PrePaid SuckerKate -2nd Place Manchester Regional

tomdidiot 574

My runner half of the decks that got me 2nd at Manchester, UK regional. (Other deck is the far more interesting Blue Sun Deck titled "Fried Runner, sunny side up". My runner kate Only went 4-3 in the Swiss, but 2-0 in the cut - in the end, my Blue Sun flooded out twice against Alex White, once in the winners' semi-final, and again in the final, so I guess Kate didn't let me down when it mattered.

My 3 losses in the Swiss were to a NBN TWIY that taxed my clot recursion in round 2, an HB deck that just taxes my dogs out early in round 5, and from my reckless running getting me scored by Butcher Shop NEH in round 7. It beat Jinteki Biotech (Rd 1), cerebral imaging (Rd 3), HB ETF (Rd4), HB ETF (Rd 6), Jinteki RP (top 8 game 1) and classic astrobiotics NEH (top 8 game 2)

Datasucker was gold all day, and I didn't miss Utopia Shard at all in the games I played. The ability to deal with big ice, or even make taxing remotes less taxing was a huge boon. Memorable moments included atmanning at 4 and paying 11 to get through an Ashigaru, Stimhacking into R&D to steal an NAPD I couldn't afford to steal on an earlier Maker's eye (having already stolen one), a Hail Mary run after my deck was Chronosed away to steal one of 2 agendas left in my opponent's deck, and missing all 3 agendas in the TWIY player's hand with my legwork.

Changes?: I'd really want to get rid of Deus X, but that's just not my style. I'm just far too much of a toolbox player, and Deus x has saved my game on multiple occasions in the past.

26 Apr 2015 sythic

It's just a shame I couldn't get that Ashigaru up to 20+ like in many of the other games that day ;)

26 Apr 2015 shanodin

Nice list. Couldn't find the slot or the influence for Datasucker in my own and regretted it, but Utopia Shard did save my butt at one point, getting shot of the SEA Source and one Scorched after the Corp player asked me how many cards I was on in hand.

@sythic that Cerebral Imaging deck was a laugh to play against. Really drives home just how taxing 2 Eli 1.0 on the same server is to get through, even with an Atman at 4.

26 Apr 2015 sythic

@shanodin I was desperately trying to draw my agendas out of r&d before you got lucky, The game ran so long because they were all at the bottom!