Endurance Khumalo (5th @ Dutch Nationals)

Watzlav 1019

This is a snarebears' Worlds list. I didn't do so well with it, but at least I didn't have to juggle with the card every round, or feel completely powerless accessing Audacity and losing to it next turn. Instead I felt completely powerless stealing six points turn three and then dying, because my first Pinhole Threading whiffed on NGO Front.

I cut one Deuces Wild for Hunting Grounds, as suggested by @binarydogs. This was a great suggestion, since I faced NBN all day long. Unfortunately, it does not substitute having any idea how to play against NBN prison. It's still a better tech than ranting #baneverygoodcardfrommidnightsun though.

Shoutout to the Berlin crew – @114141, @MazeBerlin, @Mirilu, @lazychef13, @Locker, @R4V3R and @yehonathan_. Congratulations to 114141 on taking the title!

14 Nov 2022 anarchomushroom

dat hashtag <3

15 Nov 2022 Watzlav

Something all netrunner players can rally behind. :))