Barbiewort CtM - 1st at Liverpool CO

mcg 1045


Okay, this has nothing to do with Barbie. But it's the obvious partner for my corp.

How the mighty have fallen. No, not me (well, not just me). In its twilight years, NBN: Controlling the Message is a shadow of its former self. But I wanted to give it a swansong, so this random selection of cards was the best available (from my 10 minutes of research).

Defying all the odds, it did just enough to get me through Swiss (2-2) and turn in its best performance in the first round of the cut. It also scored a 7-points Beale, so what more could you ask for.

CtM won't be back, but I will, thanks primarily to the great group that organised and participated in today's event. Turns out Netrunner is still fun. Always be running.

16 Jul 2023 Sauc3

Well played Mark! Would have liked to have seen that first cut game, Hosh feels unbeatable to me! Looking forward to the return fixture in Salford...