[SOCR5] takodeliodemotomy (5-0)

groenkaaf 1147

My runner deck for Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 5. Went 5-0 in the Swiss; lost in the semifinals.

Takobi/Cyberdelia/Spinal Modem (takodeliodem!) together mean you break most ICE at a profit by the midgame, which makes it pretty hard for most corps to tax you out. Data Loop, Data Raven, and Komainu can be problems, though, since you're often encountering them multiple times per run with Inversificator and don't have Hunting Grounds available. Move them somewhere so you don't have to deal with them again. Because of this, you're frequently running on "off" turns, trying to force a rez to rearrange ICE into optimal positioning. Usually the corp is forced either to concede accesses or their board state.

Takobi also makes Inti and Na'Not'K less painful to pump (if you find you have to install them) and with System Seizure feels extremely good. It's much more fun to install more Inversificators rather than other breakers, but if you can afford the tempo hit, you've probably already won.

Some games I had the MU for DDM, others I never got the chance to fire it. It would probably have been better as the single core set Maker's Eye and two other cards.

I had very good luck with RNG Key in every game I installed it. I imagine it made an average of 12 credits per game just firing blind. Sometimes the extra draw came in handy too. In the semifinals I think it fired 7 times, for 18 credits and 2 cards. I lost the game very badly.

If you're a newer player looking at past decklists while you consider joining the current SOCR tournament (like I was a few months ago), I can't recommend it highly enough.

27 Apr 2018 BizTheDad

Wow, that's incredibly impressive given how weak most runner decks were in SOCR5. Very well done.