Do you want to build a DoomRig? [3-1 CO Genova]

Drager 280

Standard DoomRig Anarch with a little bit of spice:

  • The killer of choice is Carmen (but the third killer is still an Echelon) because you can use it even as a first breaker to battle the nasty Sentries (like Anansi, or Saisentan or - if needed, a surprise Archer having the money). The downside is that with a single turbine Anansi is still 5c...
  • Bankhar is there in 2x to have in the early game, to try to contest an early agenda / to slow down the corps and avoiding the rush behind a single ice.
  • No Gachapon this time, the programs are the only real target here, the companions won't benefit from the discount.

Without DreamNet, Alice becomes in my opinion a viable ID. You want to build a doomrig, and then run for pennies and tearing up the centrals. Here's some guidelines:

  • Do not throw away the things in 2x for The Price / Moshing / Patchwork if you don't have another copy installed. so Eru, Poemu, Twinning, Taka; oh the other hand, you want double Turbine for the perfect doomrig
  • You CAN trash the 3x cards, especially the breakers (as long that you try to install the next one right away)
  • Patchwork is the powerhouse of the deck. It RULES when installing everything. Trash a Cleaver to install a Cleaver for a discount! How about a Strike Fund for a total of a whopping 4c of discount?
  • Eru is the "final piece of the doomrig". Run archives, trigger Alice, access 1 more card (when at a Threat). Spend some of those counter from The Twinning to access 4!
6 Oct 2023 Diogene

Awesome deck. It is good to see that Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator is still good.

Do you think that Lago ParanoĆ” Shelter could be fitted in there for additional draw?

Thanks. Cheers!