Nowadays, runners, like instantly lose against some matchup if you don't have 2-3 pinholes in their deck.

So It's kind of interesting that NSG suggested a new meta, from 'ice STR doesn't matter at ALL' to 'yeah but anyway I'll fire their subs'.


So finally the era of Endless EULA ends with this card?

Maybe?? 6 draws are huge anyway.

Anyway a good card for itself. It's like a red version of Bravado... or another version of Tread Lightly. Use it on unrezzed pice of ice to get a tempo swing, or get a Blackmail run.


Actually I think drip economy itself was never a problem in this game.

If you ever played 8 creds per turn Iain or 7+ creds per turn Gnat or some jank like it (I played a lot), you'll see what I mean. Drip econs are just bad in early game. And in the late game? Even 8 creds per turn was not enough against super deep server with 8 strength Surveyor.

Sunny used drip econ very well, but remember she had her Pseudo-Boat.



This cards reminds me the good old days VS Bio Ethics Prison decks.

Back then, draw, draw, cant do anything. Concede.

And now, click for cred, click for cred, remove a tag, cant do anything. Concede.

Well yes you can still draw or remove a tag for turns again and again to find a chance against them...

But it's just still too boring.


Corp side review. Why corp side review? Because that tells a hell lot more.

Use it to Face Check. Just use it.

When runner uses this card like Normal-Boring Dirty Laundry, I'm calm, indifferent. They just get what they supposed to get.

But what if they use it on turn 1? Annoying, annoying as hell. This card will teach you why Face-Checking is good play.

Maybe I should put more Cortex Lock in my Jintekis.