This card reminds me a lot of Escher. It cant re arrange the whole board like Escher, but it doesn't take the slot for run events, and can be combed with other run events or run effects. We can just move all the Corp's cheap ice to R&D as we Stargate them into oblivion.

Personal Workshop anyone? This card seems to be able to fill a similar role, minus the power counter mechanics. Does seem fairly powerful in a connection based deck though. It is nice to have a staple resource for Nasir back, especially with the release of Mantle, which can be used with Rubicon Switch.

Shame we don't have Nasir himself anymore. He goes away with rotation ^^ —
Neat, I had not considered the interaction between Mantle and Rubicon Switch. Suppose I was focused on MU Safecracker and P-Q Loop —

Buffer Drive seems like a very interesting card. On first glance, one might look at this card and say, "Oh, this is to mitigate corp net damage, anti-Jinteki." But, this hardware doesn't care who does the trashing. Maybe strong with "MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock and Null: Whistleblower. Another synergy is Patchwork. The trashed card for Null and Patchwork doesn't really get trashed in the end too, which minimizes the draw backs of their abilities. Sounds like a fun card!

Not so obvious? If you ask me it was the most obvious, given MaxX's ability uses up Buffer and trashes 2 cards. Forgot all about Null, honestly, lol. —

Penrose is a stealth breaker quite comparable to Refractor if we ignore its ability and increased cost. In fact, it is the exact same, so we can consider we are paying an extra 2 credits for its ability. This is actually pretty decent. The ability to only need 2 breakers to get through a server and surprise the corp is very significant. In fact, we can see this similarity between using Kit to add the codegate subtype to a barrier, and getting through that way. The benefit here is that this breaker does it more than once on the same turn, and it's limitation can be mitigated as its ability can be refreshed for the other turns you need it via cards like Simulchip, Scavenge, and Rejig. Pairing this with a sentry breaker & a Cloak or the new Mantle would mean you could Stimhack the corps server with an SMC as Smoke and threaten any server, given you have enough stealth credits. This certainly does provide a solution to the common problem stealth faces, with some considerable set up required. And, after the ability on Penrose expires, you could just wait till you find your real barrier, or refresh Penrose if necessary. This card's versatility should not be underestimated, and might be common in stealth decks.