Let's get this out of the way: Half of Jinteki's game could/can be/is psychology, which makes it half more interesting to some of us. Piloting this card is notoriously hard because one needs to be able to read the enemy's playstyle and face. That aside:

The Jinteki dream defense is not ice, but the servers themselves. The more, the merrier, thus giving a labyrinthine feel. "Is this server a trap or an agenda?", "Will I die if I try to run a second time?" Boom! Psychology!

However due to the recent(foreverago?) inability to create servers faster than the runner can sweep them, that has been merely a dream, until now.

This card creates 2 servers, EACH with 2 advancements. By comparison, its counterpart Mushin No Shin only created one server, which never contributed to the dream, rather exasperated it.

Mitosis however, brings other smaller issues: If the runner doesn't access or trash some of these traps, that's wasted advancement tokens (and 3 credits that won't come back!). So in order to cope with this loss, we turn it into an efficiency by using Trick of Light. And we could potentially power-up this new efficiency with Vasilisa (given its unavoidable advancing ability, not the tag), but I am getting ahead of myself.

The power in this card is that it creates so many servers that the runner will inevitably be pressured to run, resulting in either (a) getting hurt by Urtica Cipher/Snare!/Cerebral Overwriter/etc, or (b) finding an elusive agenda. It is the dreamed Jinteki defense.

At first sight, it might seem like this card fits the needs of Jinteki: Personal Evolution, but because of these advancement tokens and the pontential to waste them, this card doesn't seem to me like its full feature was to kill, but rather to heavily slow down or cripple the runner, while the corp happily exercises their FAST ADVANCING antics, so I see it as a more viable option for Jinteki: Restoring Humanity.

Even after running, the runner might not have enough clicks to run all of them, causing them to either (a) think the unvisited servers are other traps (b) forget about them. IT'S THE JINTEKI DREAM. If the ability of this card is exploited with Moon Pool/Kakurenbo, it only gets worse over time... for the runner.

Ronin/Reversed Accounts or any low trash cost card that needs activating next turn are not good with this card because it encourages the runner to sweep your remotes instead of inducing fear of running them. Sometimes agendas provide all the positive conditioning we need.

Card Side-effect: the runner will fear running remote servers so much, that they will seek to blast your central servers. So you gotta watch out for that.

Conclusion: This is a tricky card. But at the end, that's what makes Jinteki. So no point complaining about Jinteki finally being able to be Jinteki, because that is what Jinteki is and what makes it so much fun!