Spiky Rushy Jinteki (1st @ Dublin GNK)

DoubleK 591

This is a rushy net damage deck that taxes the runner on cards. It tries to create a fast moving net damage minefield that pushes the runner to take risks where every mistake can be fatal.

The backbone of this deck is its punishing agenda suite: All the agendas are very painful to steal when factoring in the Jinteki: PE ID, 2x House of Knives being the only exception that only does 1 net damage when stolen. All the others hit you with 2-5 net damage.

This is backed up with support cards that also tax you on cards, leading into dangerous runs that can look like this:

Make a run

This can obviosuly make the runner's life really painful and every run potentially fatal. Film Critic is this deck's mortal enemy and the main way to get rid of it is tags. A server with Mausolus, Prisec and Snare! often leaves the runner with a choice of either drawing up cards to avoid dying or clearing tags to save the Critic. But sometimes just going fast or bluffing with Mushin No Shin also works. Feedback Filter, Caldera and Heartbeat are also annoying, but can be taxed out by going fast.

15 economy cards allow you to keep up a fast pace while keeping up the Snare! threat:

Yes, Mushin is mainly a tempo & economy card in this deck. You don't really have traps here aside from a single Gene Splicer which can be turned into points anyway. But it can be used to bluff out an agenda in a tough situation. Fundraiser's downside doesn't really matter, because you're basically ignoring the runner's economy and focus on taxing them on cards.

This deck doesn't run a lot of ice, but open servers are very spiky and dangerous to poke with 3x Snare!, 3x Chrysalis and the painful agendas.

My favourite card of the deck is Sting!. It seems to trip up even experienced players and can be used for both proactive and reactive kills. A double-advanced Sting is a nice fork: Steal it for a painfully disappointing 1 point - don't steal it and you might be hit with click 1 - score for 2-4 net damage, click 2 - Neural EMP, click 3 - Neural EMP

This deck carried me to 1st place in an 8-player GNK in Dublin, with 3 flatline wins and 1 timed draw. A massive thank you to Mark for organising yet another fantastic Saturday afternoon and a big shout out to the wonderfully diverse, fun and welcoming Irish meta!