Kyiv Grid - 2nd at Budapest Regional

Bandura 307

This deck went 3-3 during the day, including two losses in the cut to the Indexing Mad Dash Hayley of @percomis.

This is basically more or less standard Foodcoats with Off the Grid instead of Caprice Nisei. The deck becomes a bit more comboish but much more impervious to Rumor Mill, because Off the Grid is not unique.

Ultraviolet Clearance turned out to be better than expected, as you can always discard some ICE just to get them back with Friends in High Places later.

Some decks can't do much against you at all once you have 4-5 ice on HQ including the awesome Seidr Adaptive Barriers. Some decks can still manage to win off R&D though, like the mentioned Hayley.

I would like to thank the awesome crowd in Budapest - the tournament was a lot of fun. And of course, congratz to the winner!