Modern Rigshooter (2nd place russian national, 31 players)

stCarolas 593

Rush against shapers, trash all breakers of others. Don't fear to give many bp - its useless without a rig. And don't make mistakes.

P.S. It also took 2nd place on summer GNK with one lose

10 Oct 2015 aeternii

Shurik the ballsy guy, ladies and gents

10 Oct 2015 Smirnoffico

When 5 Bad Pubs are a slow day

10 Oct 2015 aeternii

Just in case people think this GRNDL won because we have a weird ass meta down here: it really didn't. Among the IDs that got beaten by this thing are PPVP Kates, Whizzards, Noises, all the good stuff. There's no stopping this deck once it gets going!

10 Oct 2015 Trypios

@aeternii ya right...grndl won't be a top tier in a thousand cycles.

Anyways, my suggestion would be to swap a Gov Contracts for an Atlas which is way easier to score.

10 Oct 2015 stCarolas

My personal record is 8 Bad Pubs for one game, and I won this game - I had to trash shaper's rig 4 times, because clone chips and Levy AR Lab

10 Oct 2015 mawa

@Trypios Don't knock it till you try it. It's a great meta call - everyone's running Asset Hate and Film Critic, which this deck doesn't care about, and the most popular runner faction, Anarchs, has no Program Tutoring and whose in-faction recursion cannot be played in response to an archer. The decks that most punish Archer and Grim, Criminals with Emergency Shutdown, are no where to be seen or are playing connections games with Iain.

Also, saying GRNDL won't be top tier ever is like how everyone said Whizzard was useless because nobody played assets. It's just a ridiculous amount of hubris.

One question though: What's up with your agenda suite? Why so many 3 pointers over Weyland's excellent 2 pointers - Project Atlas and Oaktown Renovations? It's just a really interesting decision and I'd love to hear your reasoning.

10 Oct 2015 JinMos

Was thinking the same. First thing I would do would be change few agenda suits, and play around with ices a little. Other than that, great to bring GRNDL work.

11 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@RubbishyUsername There are 3 reasons why I play with 3 pointers:

1) deck space - more cards for total destruction!

2) low agenda density - this deck can show no agendas in 3-4-5 and more cards on the top. It matters while you play shutdowns with only 2 JH.

3) main reason - weyland cant score 2 pointers from hand, so you must score them on server. This deck isn't about taxing - its hard to tax runner with 3+ Bad Pubs. Runner always can run on any of your servers while he has breakers. Every turn. So only time to score is a moment when all breakers are trashed - and with 3 pointers you need only 2 such moments

11 Oct 2015 Smirnoffico

'P.S. It also took 2nd place on summer GNK with no loses!'

With one :P

11 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@Smirnoffico Ok, sorry, forgot for fast game with makers eye in 6 points)

11 Oct 2015 Smirnoffico

Yeah, that one can be dismissed as pure luck, happens to every deck from time to time.

I wonder, how dependent the deck is on the piloting skill. I think trying to play it won't be easy without great game vision.

11 Oct 2015 ANRguybrush

Is there a recorded game of this deck? I would like to see this in action.

11 Oct 2015 aeternii

@mcpba our guys did record the top games, however during the final our camera's battery unexpectedly died halfway through the game. We noticed it in 2-5 mins and replaced the battery, but there is a bit of a gap in the recording. We'll still probably release the video in a little bit. Oh, and I think we got some more of Shurik's games in quarter- and half- finals on film, too.

11 Oct 2015 RedNomad

@Smirnoffico:"Yeah, that one can be dismissed as pure luck, happens to every deck from time to time."

I don't really think so, That one game is the problem with playing many three pointers.

11 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@RedNomad Problem with playing many two pointers is a hand with 5 agendas

Sometimes runner access two 3 pointers agendas in 3 cards. Sometimes runner access zero agendas in 6 cards. And second happens more often then first.

In addition, its impossible for peaceful Weyland to score 3 agendas on server against shaper.

11 Oct 2015 p3t00h

Condrat with this very strannaya koloda finishing second at RuNationals! Zaebeass!

11 Oct 2015 igrekk

What about Corporate Troubleshooter, does it worth slot in the deck? Most of sentries doesn't need strength boost due to Sharpshooter or D4v1d.

11 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@igrekk Troubleshooter helps vs

1) atman

2) yog + suckers. Shooter in enigma gives you unbreakable server until the end of turn.

3) mimic + suckers - shooter in archer, go

4) faust

5) shapers - on start you have enough many to stop runner by ice wall + shooter and score 3 pointer

d4vid is very limited resource and very fast ends with this deck.

But Troubleshooter is not key card, so maybe 1 JH and 1 recruiting order would be more useful, I didn't test this variant

11 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Great mental image: the Interns are ordered to go roust Marcus Batty from his alcoholic haze at some random dive bar in the Underway. I think this is my head canon for that particular play from here on out. Also not all old men are alcoholics. Just Marcus and Iain.

12 Oct 2015 Dydra

You play this deck when you want to cosplay Gazprom. ;)

14 Oct 2015 frost-duty

Well, my first attempt at playing this deck was against valencia. That was when I realised this deck cannot beat her. All she needs to do is blackmail run the scoring server whenever you install/advance, and the game is a guaranteed loss :/

14 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@frost-duty I removed 2 Oversight AI before tournament (didn't expect any blackmails in our meta), so -1 Cyberdex Virus Suite and -1 Beanstalk Royalties +2Oversight. Rez archer with them and protect with Marcus Batty. Cyberdex and beanstalks - slots for any meta-oriented cards

14 Oct 2015 Jai

Why Government Contracts, though? I'd imagine that at least a split with High-Risk Investment would be superior, simply by looking at the stacks of cash the Runner is going to be sitting on with nothing to spend it on. Compounded by the cost savings they're getting with all that bad pub...

14 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@Burdle.Jai Its a option, but sometimes runner sits on 0 credits - because he doesn't need to spend much money for run. And Contracts more stable vs criminals - it helps to recover after siphons

14 Oct 2015 Jai

@stCarolas Good justification. Another thing - I'd imagine oftentimes you get into a situation where you either let the siphon through, or take it like a man but trash their rig in the process. Does this happen often, and what's your usual decision?

14 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@Burdle.Jai Its rarely situation (usually there are 2-3 ices on HQ like a grim and a wall of static, so Batty trashes a corroder and stops the siphon), but in any cases a rig must be trashed - this deck isn't about money, its about a tax of recursion.

15 Oct 2015 hi_impact

@stCarolasYou might call me insane but have you tried 1x Twins?

They work with all of your threatening ICE.

15 Oct 2015 hi_impact

You could do -1 Troubleshooter -1 Interns +1 Recruiting Trip +1 The Twins

15 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@hi_impact thought but not tried. I prefer to install all grims on table, so twins (in my case) not working with the grims. Runner usually has 3+ BPs, so my little barriers also not working with the twins. Maybe twins would work with wormhole and archers, but for

1) case with archers: I need to score a hostile, find and install an archer, find second archer, find and install a twins - too many overlaps

2) case with wormhole: I need to rez something with Trash sub, find and install Wormhole, find and install twins, find second wormhole - too many overlaps

But maybe it would work with troubleshooter simultaneously)

15 Oct 2015 hi_impact

@stCarolasI understand what you mean it is not very consistent. I don't mean to rely on it like other cards but just as a possible explosive choice. Might not be worth it but interesting. You can also bluff with it.

15 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@hi_impact Maybe -1 beanstalk +1 twins. 3 interns are very needed for batty.

-1 Troubleshooter +1 Recruiting Trip - its good option, it's worth a try.

16 Oct 2015 q**

@hi_impact, @stCarolas, runner can always leave etr sub on archer unbroken in order to avoid the twins.

18 Oct 2015 Saan

In which case you kept them out. How is this a bad thing?

18 Oct 2015 Sodiummm

Would put 2 Blacklist and remove Corporate TroubleShoter So they can't bring back their Breaker...

18 Oct 2015 Laxen

@stCarolas hey, cool deck! I'm very intrigued by this and will try it out with a few personal tweaks. Quick question: have you tried or considered dropping one 3 pointer for 2 more 1 pointers? - I'm especially considering Chronos Project. Clears Clone Chip targets out of the heap and adds more Archer fodder.

18 Oct 2015 juliandark

Yeah too bad Batty puts such a strain on your influence. This really could use one more JH and a couple Blackmails.

Would this deck work in Titan perhaps, or is the 5c at start too important for your rushing strategy and even a hefty 7 influence wouldn't cover it? Or try it out of blue sun? replace restructure with OAI, which also covers you against blackmail. Then you have the influence for 1 more jackson, one more batty, I jsut don't know what would go out.

19 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@Laxen Its good idea, I would try to drop Priority.

@Sodiummm Usually runner has some plan B (atman, faust, parasites, etc) and breaks the blacklist, so locking with a blacklist takes a few tries and a long time, I don't like that.

@juliandarkI tried Blue Sun and it was very very slow deck. First, you must find some economic cards, then find a few etr ices (half of ices does nothing on start) - it takes a time. In GRNDL my favorite first turn - draw, install ice, install ice, end of turn with 5 cards in hand and 10 credits - time to rush on next turn!

Titan and Blue Sun is more about long game. I dont like play long games against shapers - too many recursion, too many accesses

In first versions of this deck oversights were instead of beanstalks, it was good, its not problem to put them back.

19 Oct 2015 arcv2

What's the argument for more Spiderweb than Bastion. I see that Web more taxing on Faust and Lady but it also dies to Parasite quicker.

19 Oct 2015 Laxen

@stCarolas Cool, thanks - I'll try it out.

19 Oct 2015 NetrunningAmok

I have been playing around with a very similar deck for a while now. I have 3 Chimera though as well as a different agenda suite. I find Chronos Project in particular to be a must have. It alone has won me several games. I will probably post my version after I take it to a local tourney this weekend.

19 Oct 2015 chill84

Deck has been featured on 'NRDB in Review' posted here:

20 Oct 2015 thebriarfox

Oh look, supermodernism.

20 Oct 2015 MarbleMunkey

@arcv2: In a word: Quetzal.

21 Oct 2015 brightknight_216

@stCarolas Just like to know. Did you face with any Valencia player? My meta group often have some players running with this ID and Blackmail often shutdown the scoring server. Do you have any solutions to play against her.

21 Oct 2015 aeternii

@brightknight_216 I can answer for him: no, he did not face any Blackmails all day long since Val is practically non-existent in our meta, but his advice for a Val-heavy meta is to include 2 Oversights instead of 1 Beanstalk and 1 CVS and play them on Archer

22 Oct 2015 stCarolas

@aeternii @brightknight_216 and -1 Eden -1 Hades +2 Priority

23 Oct 2015 mplain

@aeternii wasn't Val #1 in Swiss that day?

23 Oct 2015 licoricemaniac

I tried this deck. Very strong, especially vs. criminal who are making a comeback. I have also tested 2 variations which are sweet: 1) Use BABW Id: you lose the early game edge, but with the extra influence you drop the troubleshooters for a 3rd Batty and a Caprice. A more than worthy trade-off 2) Play this with Jinteki Nisei Division: influence is 3 archers, 3 power shutdown, 3 jaccksons. You lose some economic power, but what you gain is more reliable upgrade protection (I go 3 batty 2Caprice) and and 3xTFP to fix the deck greatest weakness (random access loss). Also, Caprice takes care of the Valencia problem (up to a point). Nisei Division is more relevant than Chronos, because you need that economic edge, and you have no space for net damage cards. Maybe RP is a possibility?

3 Nov 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Weird question maybe, but why Jackson Howard? This deck seems extremely rush focused, with a moderate need for on-demand recursion (a la Interns). For the influence, Jackson really isn't helping with either of those. I've seen other GNDL decks actually play Anonymous Tip over Jackson purely because it's faster, although I could also see Archived Memories to cover the recursion angle.

Jackson Howard helps against horrible luck with agenda flooding, and against Noise/DLR decks, but in the latter cases, you should only have to lean on him if the game is going somewhat long, which probably means you've already lost, right?

3 Nov 2015 aeternii

@Bigguyforyou518 Well, JH helps immensely against DLR/Noise mill and stuff like Indexing etc, while also enabling better draw

14 Feb 2016 gryphon_gold

I've played ~30 or so games with this deck and won 2 games. How in the world do you pilot this deck?

19 Feb 2016 igrekk

@gryphon_gold here is the video form grand final of russian nationals. Rigshooter almost secured the game, but was a bit greedy and have no money to rez Grim and runner has all the luck in last access