(Startup) We break Tyr for 0 around here: A Setup Hoshiko

Blackwing 31

This is a Startup Hoshiko deck I've been using for a while, recently modified for Midnight sun. (~250 games with ~75% wr on Jnet)

It plays a bit like Sunny/Smoke in that you can often sit about setting up for a while, getting over 30 credits with the companion and Keiko credits, and then once you have the full breaker/Leech suite out you run like hell trying win and breaking ice INSANELY efficiently.

It's my view that this is probably one of, if not the best breaker suite in the game, at least with investment. With double Leech and Ice Carver, you're essentially never paying to boost the strength of Buzzsaw/Cleaver, meaning you're breaking most ice for 1 or 2 credits max. Odore often comes out to be the weakest breaker, but I run it over Bukhgalter because it ends up being an incredibly efficient way to dump extra leech counters (hence the title, I've seen this happen multiple times) It also serves as a way to tune how many leech counters you're using. Generally you're just using them to get ice to multiples of 3 to be efficient, but if you're low you can pay the difference to save those counters for Saw/Cleaver, or if you have a ton you can break sentries for 0.

Previously using Stargate/Docklands, twinning synergizes beautifully with all the companions, while stargate always had a bit of an anti-synergy with the ID, and twinning replaces both (though arguably docklands could still be used) With the missing MU and Influence I'm able to slot in a rezeki and career fair and get rid of a t400. Rezeki was chosen over a third leech because in practice a third leech is usually overkill and Rezeki credits help to setup faster. It's possible I should be running a second one and be willing to overwrite it, probably over the career fair, to help setup even faster.

Double Mystic Maemi because it's often a lot of value and doesn't tend to go over, especially with double bravado. Dreamnet is excellent, provides a gachapon target, and synergizes with the ID and getting a lot of leech counters which you want.

Harmony is there because you are often getting rid of secondary breakers to Moshing/Gachapon and getting rigbroken sucks. Even in other matchups it's nice to recycle events/resources to continue getting Maemi/Poemu value.

Boomerang is there because this deck's main weakness is the early game. I hate facechecking things and if you don't have the counters the breakers can be inefficient, so that helps challenge in the early game while setting up, or occasionally against giant strength ice in Weyland like Pharos or supercharged Ice Wall.

Everything else is pretty Standard (or, erm, Startup) Hoshiko, it's a great deck that seems to do well in essentially all matchups, though I'd say it has the most trouble against decks with unusual ice suites that don't break as efficiently like GameNet. But it's often rich enough to challenge NEH's assets even early game, reasonably fast enough to not die to rush (especially with all the dreamnet/ID drawing), and double leech/ice carver is almost always enough to break through glacier even with giant ice. Give it a try!

27 Jul 2022 Lightningjak

@Blackwing Thanks for posting. A couple weeks ago I played against you on jnet and was immediately impressed by your deck. I didn't see every card in your deck but I reconstructed it to the best of my knowledge from that game and have since had an 83% win rate on jnet out of 12 games with the deck. My version spent all 15 influence on 3 Bravado and 3 Boomerang. I'll have to try Twinning and some of these other changes but I think you're on to something with this build being one of the strongest runners available. It certainly feels amazing running through Archers for 0 credits! More recently I've been experimenting with Startup Corp decks to find one with an equally high win rate. 6 decks later, I think I've found it with my Pravdivost deck. I'll have to do a write up on it (currently at 80% win rate on jnet out of 10 games).

27 Jul 2022 Blackwing

@Lightningjak Thanks for your comment! I don't think it's unreasonable to go all-in on bravado/boomerang and slot a third leech, or whatever. I've been tuning this deck for a long time now and at least with small changes in functions pretty well, it's a good core. For now I think twinning is great. It's possible some time I'll miss docklands/stargate for the really insane every turn multiaccess, but for now at least I think it isn't so much more value that it's worth spending another 2 MU on it.

As far as Corps go, my startup corp of choice has been a Prana PE deck, I could probably post that with a big writeup as well, most people in my experience don't know how to play it super well, and it's a fairly unique deck. I've recently tried out these: netrunnerdb.com netrunnerdb.com as well to good success. So I recommend giving them a try as well!

As a sidenote - anyone know how to post gifs/images in the writeup? I tried clicking and dragging in the textbox to no avail and I see no other buttons.