All Gas No Break [Startup]

Diogene 4012

Always be running here. This is a beast that cannot be tamed. Be wild, be free, be fast!

Game plan : Sabotage and multi access without a care in the world.

Mulligan plan : Marrow or Ghosttongue in hand.

Go go go. Draw to hand size, play all that you can from hand. Everything in your deck is cheap to use.

That all there is to it. No complication with Endurance or rig build up. Load of with Running Hot. Draw power from your ID, Dr. Nuka Vrolyck and your events. And Eru Ayase-Pessoa to close the game at the end.

It just work.

Contrary to the Sunset format, were the glacier archetype is more prevalent, you will seldom get remotes with more than 2 ices. So, just put your Slap Vandal and Botulus on the innermost ice first and you should be good. Hush can help with Magnet also.


12 Jan 2024 cmur2

A list with Slap Vandal + Poison Vial? Sign me up, I have to try it! Thanks so much for the inspiration to put it into Esâ :)