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tzeentchling 939

This Romulan looks weirdly like Ben Shapiro

An iterative work, based on Not The Answer. Thinking about it and talking with @Greg, who had the (correct) idea to replace Daily Quest with Regolith Mining License in his OTG-winning Acme deck, I wondered if perhaps the same could be ported over to AgInfusion. Turns out the answer is yes, which gives you a ton more influence to play with! Here it's used to include a Border Control, a Food, an extra Divert Power, and a couple Ganked!. The Ark Lockdown and Mind Games in the original deck were also replaced by Magnet, but could be swapped back if desired.

The agenda suite is a Jinteki standard, but if you wanted you could also do the Longevity/Obokata/Send a Message suite as in the original deck. Having purges be net positive though is a very valuable thing and Sandbox helps against Hivemind MaxX builds, while the occasional EtR from Nisei does help.

Divert Power, as @atc123 noted in his write up, is surprisingly good in AgInf decks, probably more so here than elsewhere, but I think this card does deserve a second look in general, and two here feels correct. Obviously, de-rezzing the cheap Vanillas and Thimblerigs and 0-cost upgrades and assets to get a big Chiyashi/DNA Tracker/Anansi rezzed for nearly free is value enough, especially when the ID can run people into them over and over again. The de-rez also turns on your otherwise cheap blocker ice to activate your ID with. But there's value beyond that too - de-rezzing Magnet to steal another hosted card, or de-rezzing Spin Doctor to draw 2 more cards, or de-rezzing Regolith to re-rez and put 15 more credits on it. The uses are far more varied than you might expect!

Ganked! is often a Snare! that you don't have to pay credits for. It directly contributed to two of my wins, with a re-encounter of a Chiyashi and a re-encounter of an Anansi that both flatlined the runners. This despite knowing that the card was included in the deck! Maybe it's not the best card, but a bit of fun and a chance to simply win are important to include in your decks.

On the day, the deck did not drop a game, beating 419, Loup, Ken, and Apoc Lat twice. Give it a spin!

28 Sep 2021 neuropantser

breaking the meta before we even release your slumscast episode. legendary

28 Sep 2021 TheBytemaster

wow, Divert Power really does a lot here. Great writeup and deck!

29 Sep 2021 rotage

How are the matchups? are there any runners that you are strong/weak against?

29 Sep 2021 tzeentchling

A bit too early in my playtesting to tell, but runners that money up aggressively and can afford to get through a big server at least twice probably have an advantage. Hippo and ice destruction in general can suck too. Generally good matchups against Apoc decks though, especially the MaxX versions, or anything else requiring a big run turn.

30 Sep 2021 ZiNOS

In my personal experience, snares are needed in the Obokata builds since Obokatas tend to get stuck in your hand and a mix of snares and Obokatas in hand can act as a really good deterrent.

No Obokatas in the mix lowers the value of snare a lot. Ganked looks good!

30 Sep 2021 ZiNOS

Following my previous comment, I think that this version will be really good with Send the Message, the value of this agenda is out of this world with the ICE suite of this deck.

Let the Obokatas out, let the Send the Messages in!

30 Sep 2021 tzeentchling

I will say that Ganked can often effectively BE a Snare, though of course that depends on the ice you have rezzed and how much money the runner has. But it also has the advantage of being able to be played in the same server as an Agenda to act as a bluff or deterrent if need be. Plus it's free, compared to the 4 credit cost of Snare, which can matter.

1 Oct 2021 atc123

nice iterations! regolith wasn't really on my radar but getting all that influence back makes a lot of sense. Ganked seems like a great include with the monster ice, will def try that

1 Oct 2021 atc123

and having twice as many Divert Power as the original deck means this deck is probably twice as good, by my estimates

1 Oct 2021 bigfleet

Can unrezzed ice host cards? Or do they hit the runner's heap when the power is diverted?

1 Oct 2021 tzeentchling

The cards are still hosted on the unrezzed ice. For instance, if a Magnet has sucked in a Botulus and then is de-rezzed, the Botulus stays on it (and even starts getting virus counters again until the Magnet is rezzed another time). The runner can also always play and host a virus on an unrezzed piece of ice. All that matters is if it's installed!

1 Oct 2021 Agasha

Love this! Thanks for sharing.

4 Oct 2021 tzeentchling

After some testing, I find that the Anoetic Voids aren't always as good as I want them to be. HQ tends to be agenda dense even with Sprints and pitching two cards to end the run is often a bigger cost than I want. Might test with Bio Vault in place of one or two of them - it's still 0 to rez so still synergizes with Divert Power.