Slowbokata (2nd at MI SC)

CritHitd20 6121

Popular icebreakers that dictate my ice choices right now are: Fracters: Corroder, Paperclip, Gauss Killers: MkUltra, Bukghalter, Na'Not'K Decoders: Black Orchestra, Amina, Euler

The Kakugo/Obokata package is here to make Engram/Anansi subs matter. Also, all these damage sources help make the Embolus work mid/lategame. I'm on a major Embolus high atm and I think it's really good when you can afford to make it work. At the event I didnt ever draw it at a good time but it did a lot in testing.

This deck needs to click for credits a lot but La Costa is really good serving as "economy".

Won against Adam Hayley, Leela x2, and 419 before losing in the finals to 419.

18 May 2020 @Bookkeeper

How did Scapenet help on the day? I imagine it's good against Companions, DreamNet & TTW. Any other significant targets, apart from, say FTT in Adam? I was wondering for a while why it earned its place in the deck and figured I'll just ask :) Congrats on your performance!

18 May 2020 CritHitd20

Scapenet's two big targets are TTW and Hunting Grounds. Engram and Tollbooth are the two code gates that are good against popular decoders, but they become abysmal against HG and you cant always rely on stacking them. Scapenet solves the issue and usually has other good targets like the ones you mentioned, but it certainly isn't mandatory. Depends on what you expect to play against.

I did not draw Scapenet in my games. It would have been a good draw in 2 of them but the Anansis and Bio Vaults did enough to keep runs taxing.