"Oh... wait? What does that do?!?" 👀🤮 2nd & 6th @NANPC

Santa 1332

Barfing 🤮 our way into a new meta!

You know you’ve built a good deck when you overhear people mentioning targeted bans for it throughout the tournament.

Feels good to make each of your opponents read 2-3 cards all the way through the cut, or upwards of 7 in grands...

Whiteblade reading mr hendrik

Whiteblade reading Mr. Hendrik

Whiteblade reading riot suppression

Whiteblade reading Riot Suppression

Whiteblade reading riot suppression again

Whiteblade reading Riot Suppression again

Whiteblade reading distributed tracing

Whiteblade reading Distributed Tracing

Whiteblade reading hypoxia

Whiteblade reading Hypoxia

Whiteblade reading hypoxia again

Whiteblade reading Hypoxia again

Whiteblade reading jaguarundi

Whiteblade reading Jaguarundi

Whiteblade reading thule cards

Didn't take grands vs ya Whiteblade, but this reversal of knowledge was fun :p



As I mentioned during the post grands interview this deck was a snap pick for me after Loup/Mulch got hit with the Knobkierie ban.
knob ban sbp sharks

Barf has previously preformed really well for me, excluding the previous Loup/Mulch matchup, which I’d previously have put at about a 5-15% w.r. against a well-tuned and piloted Loup.
knob ban sbp sharks

The Basics

I'd suggest reading my initial Barf Thule Writeup for the basic strategies:
- 2nd CoS [NO ICE!!] Barf Thule 🤮 (4-1)

The main notable change is the swap from Onto to Orbital Superiority.

  • This makes it so instead of using MCA to threaten potential score outs, you'll want to almost always use them to create a game ending fork.

I’ve also found Regolith Mining License to be a more resilient econ option, particularly against DoF where you need additional economic longevity.

The Spiderweb

This deck is like no other I’ve played. The number of play patterns, and lines playing both as and against it is absolutely fascinating to me. At times you’ll need to be thinking forward like 3 turns with every single runner click option and decision point they can make.

Watching back the streamed games and seeing all the different ideas for how to approach the list was so fascinating.

The prerogative for Thule is to read your opponent’s play patterns and find the exact line to drown them in the depths:
barf Thule alt

photo cred: maninthemoon

The main play patterns I see runners approach it from:
- run the board down, and trash everything
- only trash off rez'ed threats
- never trash anything
- aggressively attempt winning before you can setup
- play safe, but try to close off with a lot of multi-access

I’ve found all of these patterns winnable. Although, some are harder than others.

Most of your forks will come from MCA. Either:
- the runner will trash it, and you'll use you're punishment to push forward the end game.
- you’ll use the additional clicks to kill the runner.

Variantions on Play

My fellow teammate Wentagon piloted a similar list to 6th:
-1x Gatekeeper
-1x Riot Suppression
+1x Jaguarundi
+1x Wage Workers

I personally prefer my own list, but one reason I love this list is that since there are so many play patterns it’s facinating to see what others choose.

I've personally found myself forking with Orbital Superiority many of my games, and only ever scoring out once. However, I've talked to others who prefer the Ontos and actually do some score-outs.


This deck is surprisingly resilient to Maw with Spin Doctor and Gaslight. It can definitely be a big challenge if the runner has it turn 1-2, but if they can’t find it immediately you can hopefully start getting setup, and eventually use Gaslight to find what you need.

This deck doesn’t really care about runner credit totals. It’s definitely nice if the runner is low on credits and you can land an unclearable Oppo. However, the deck instead asks “do you have enough clicks?”, which the answer should be “no”.


  • Team Muntal Bost for being a wonderful testing group!
  • Wentagon for joining me on Barf and piloting it to 6th!
  • London & AnOddRadish for initially discovering the potential of Orbital Superiority.
  • Ion Fox for bouncing ideas, and sharing their own personal experience with the list.
  • Neon Static, Andrej, and Cado for the wonderful stream, and all the other commentators who joined!
  • NotAgain, Ysengrin and everyone else involved with NANPC for putting together such a wonderful event!
31 May 2024 maninthemoon

Lmao 😂 Amazing write up! Absolutely love all the images! Congrats on the fantastic placement! I still remember when you came to me saying “so I made an asset spam Thule” and I foolishly said “what is Thule really doing for an asset deck?!?? Sports or Asa has to be better right” XD

31 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)


31 May 2024 jan tuno

Good job, I love this <3

31 May 2024 IonFox

I have been banned from binging this to locals ;w;

31 May 2024 rongydoge

just run it down like an ape

31 May 2024 tzeentchling

With only two ice, where do you prioritize placing it? A remote? A central?

31 May 2024 Havvy

I love this deck!

31 May 2024 Santa

@tzeentchling I usually like putting 1x ICE on a remote for feeding Rashida Jaheem, MCA and anything else high value I want through. Although, really depends upon your opponent’s deck and how they are playing. If you find them applying concerning pressure to a central I’ll look at slotting an ICE there.

During Swiss I never installed a piece of ICE even in the games I found it. However, it did become critically important during the cut.

31 May 2024 Council

My favourite idea about the archetype is something London said:

'Thule players need to learn the art of skipping multiple runner turns back to back'

Netrunner Time Walk

1 Jun 2024 jerilynberkey

candy) clicker is a simple but very engaging game that offers a satisfying mix of clicking, upgrading, and automation. Whether your objective is to dominate the leaderboards or simply find a quick game to kill time,

1 Jun 2024 AnOddRadish

Orbital was all London haha, but nevertheless we're so back 😎

2 Jun 2024 PiCat314

grats on the placement! and gross deck 🤮

2 Jun 2024 meitrix87

This deck needs some FREEDOM!

2 Jun 2024 meitrix87

Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist, with T400 Memory Diamond for both reversing grip reduction and getting RAM because no Knobkierie , the obligatory Clot for Orbital Superiority/Ontological Dependence, and two Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra should do .