Keyhole Iain (2014 Worlds - 46th place)

AZDevil13 25

I decided to run Iain at Worlds because I wanted to try something out of the box. I ended up going 4-3 in Swiss losing to Niles Stanley's 16th placed RP deck, German national champion Axul's Blue Sun Scorched deck, and lastly a fairly common NEH deck.

This definitely was not the fastest deck in the world and struggled against NEH, but held its own vs almost every other deck I faced. Goal was to get The Supplier early and build up the rig as fast as possible while also using Mr. Li to access plenty of cards. Logos allowed me to get what I was missing and Iain's ability combined with Daily Casts/Underworld contacts would generally give me between 4-7 credits before my turn even started. Once I got Keyhole out would multi-access R&D and Keyhole as much as possible until I could get those 7 points. Central breakers made this very efficient and allowed me to consistently pressure central servers. I did not focus on remotes very much and would only bring out Crypsis unless I absolutely need to get into a remote. Sneakdoor and HQ interface also allowed me to put pressure on the hand if I knew the Corp was agenda flooded.

After worlds I would probably add a Vamp to the deck as the ability to drain the Corps economy would have benefited me more than Net Celebrity did. I was pretty happy with how Iain did and hope to continue to play him.

12 Nov 2014 trogdor

Interesting. I'm not understanding the R&D Interface splash along with Keyhole. Why not two of The Source instead to help mitigate NEH?

13 Nov 2014 AZDevil13

I tried The Source with Fall Guy and while it did slow NEH down somewhat the additional 3 credits to steal agenda's was not worth the trade off especially a 7 cost NAPD Contract. It might be my play style, but I prefer R&D Interface with my influence as the multi-access is great. Cheap install with The Supplier and can alternate between seeing three cards with the interfaces and keyhole to remove cards I don't want the Corp having/agendas. Also R&D Interface can help lock down R&D and puts more pressure on the Corp than The Source.

On another note tried out Vamp tonight and like what it added to my deck. Being able to use Vamp to drain the Corp of credits and run a remote server with no rezzed ice to steal an agenda is a great feeling with this deck.

30 Nov 2014 AZDevil13

Update following Worlds and a several games on OCTGN.

  1. I have trimmed it down to 45 cards and removed Data Dealer, Scrubber, Hades Shard, and Sneakdoor Beta. I have replaced the two HQ Interface with Legwork to put more early pressure on NEH and fast advance builds. Alias was not as efficient as I wanted it to be and this build usually has money and MU so it got replaced with Garrote. Garrote might cost more to install, but you easily make the money back your first few runs and can break remote sentry ice.
  2. In additional I have also added a Vamp and Stimhack to keep the Corp poor as well as for the burst economy if I need it to get into a remote or a multi-access run on R&D.
  3. Lastly I have been testing one Cerberus "Rex" H2 with one Passport that way combined with Garrote I can run remotes hopefully without the need for Crypsis. Eli 1.0 is the most common barrier ice right now, which can be clicked through and have the three Inside Job for remotes. Still haven't played enough games yet with it, but so far it is looking pretty promising.