[Startup] Matryosable (1st, Metropole Grid GNK)

Sauc3 143

So confession out of the way straight away, I ripped this deck pretty much wholesale from this thebigunit3000 deck, and this was before it was even published, I was spectating a game on jnet that went long and just cribbed the whole list from Archives! Sorry about that, but it just looked so fun!

My dumpster diving explains why I am on Verbal Plasticity over Zenit Chip and no Wake Implant, I must have been looking at an early prototype. I think you should 100% play those two, although I am surprised at how good Verbal feels if you get it early.

My only additions were to switch in FAO for Emergency Shutdown and add a Reprise for the memes. I have been playing this deck for months and up until yesterday, Reprise had connected meaningfully a grand total of once. I was even gonna take it out this morning but I'm glad I forgot! It connected (jammily) in the final and I even got use out of it in a game earlier on.

Thanks to Andrej and everyone involved in organising a great GNK! And much respect to all my opponents for some really fun games of Netrunner. I was really down on the previous iteration of Startup, but this rotation has led to a really enjoyable meta imo! I would really recommend that even Standard die-hards give it a try.

Oh and I won't publish my corp as it was pretty much just this list, with their own recomended changes. I had been planning on playing PD but was unsatisfied with it, saw this list in the morning, thought it looked fun and went for it!

3 Apr 2023 somefish254

Congrats on the win!

6 Apr 2023 gearsighted

Great games! I watched on stream after going 2-2 earlier in the day. I'll give this deck a try :)

6 Apr 2023 Sauc3

Thanks! Don't forget to at least put a Wake Implant in if you are gonna give it a try