Takobi Arissana - 32nd @Worlds 2023

mr_pelle 549

This is the runner deck I brought to Worlds 2023 (my Corp was The Outfit from CO Genova H2 '23).

It presents some minor changes from its previous version, namely:

  • Bravado replaced Raindrops Cut Stone: great for contesting remote servers, although I'm starting to consider spending influence otherwise since the deck felt very rich.
  • +1 DZMZ Optimizer, -1 LilyPAD: the credit discount is great, but the card draw imho is more important. I might roll back this change in the future.
  • Poison Vial replaced Boomerang: Vial worked great against Brân 1.0, Ansel 1.0, and Vampyronassa. I didn't feel the need to recharge it with Flux Capacitor or something.
  • Corroder replaced Cleaver: as @YsengrinSC said during his data analysis stream it's not worth spending a credit more when the most played barriers have 1 strength.

I had medium to low expectations for my performance at Worlds: it was my first very big event in person and I wasn't feeling very confident with this new ID. It turned out outstandingly good and I'm blown away from everyone's feedback, thank you so so much folks! <3

I'd like to thank my teammates @cros and @drager for the amazing support during playtest and the long weekend we spent together, everyone else from the Italian community that attended Worlds, and all NSG people that made it possible.