HB sucks pass it on (1st, Toronto Regionals 22/07/17)

d1en 3413

Choo Choo

For all those who don't understand, it's a saying I've been using because in all past Regionals and Nationals, I've taken HB and failed to take home Gold. This'll be the first year that has changed. Self explanatory in itself, but posting for record keeping and shout outs to the original set of deckbuilders who help tuned it to what it is today. Undefeated on the day, match ups were MaxX, Andy, MaxX, Ayla, Whizzard, Andy. HB sucks pass it on

24 Jul 2017 triorph

Beautiful :D

25 Jul 2017 Tolaasin

without subliminal, what's the BWC for?

25 Jul 2017 Revelations

Scoring a 5/3 with Jeeves installed and a Biotic I assume?

25 Jul 2017 d1en

@Tolaasin BWC is not only to help GFI from hand with Jeeves on the table, it can also allow you to get a Virtuvius counter and play Friends in High Places from hand negating the tempo loss from playing a Biotic Labor. Pack that in with Estelle Moons on board or even recurred from scoring and installing with Team Sponsorship, you can turn a situation in which you're behind into a situation where you're significantly ahead.

28 Jul 2017 cwoac

Nothing worth spending that last point of influence on?