GTA Blue Sun Andreas - Feedback

whuppo 6

Hear me out, you Netrunner fiends.

I'm feedback craving for this one, but i should mention that its not meant for tournaments. I just want to give my Netrunner friend a really hard time. I wanted to play the old taxing game while being flexible as HB and want to behave like money machine. That is a lot, i know.

0-3cr Ice: Paper Wall and Quandary are for creating small time windows to score first agendas, which is the best you can do with NEXT ID. Eli 1.0 and Viper are great ways to tax clicks and lovely creds.

Inazuma is my favourite! Its seals all ice in early, mid and even late game and making runs like hell. He cant spend clicks, which is the best way to survive HB ice and you force a cote gate breaker. wonderful piece of ice. Put it infront of Rototurret for shenanigans. Sagittarius is on trial. 8creds are a lot to trash a programm..

5-11cr Ice: Tollbooth is my main actor in this game. I dont need to mention why i guess. Together with Viktor 2.0 and Ichi 1.0 and Changeling it builds server you dont run twice a turn.

And it all sums up pretty well with Lag Time

So here it ends because im not sure about the rest deck build.

Getting Money: 3xHedge Fund, 3xRestructure, 2xMelange Mining Corp., Eve Campaign and Adonis Campaign and Green Level Clearance should generate enough money most of the time. But i had also bad times.

Archived Memories shines sometimes but i want to cut it, to be honest.

And im sad that this isnt a Blue Sun: Powering the Future deck because the name is so damn fancy. i love y'all.

14 Dec 2014 Oisin

I wonder if the Changeling might play better as two Wraparounds? I like Wraparounds early because they force a runner to use a tutor on grabbing their fracter, which makes it less likely they have a Sentry breaker on the board.

And a corp deck without Jackson Howard makes me so nervous. Of course, I don't know what your friend plays, so perhaps Archives isn't a big deal. But I play an ice heavy HB deck, and having a Jackson on the board makes triggering an Accelerated Beta Test worry free. And in a deck with 21 ice, worry-free ABT rocks.

14 Dec 2014 Oisin

Here's a link to my HB glacier/FA hybrid. It is very consistent against a variety of runner decks. Good luck!

14 Dec 2014 whuppo

@Oisin the idea with 2x wraparound sounds actually good. only concern is that they get quite useless while changeling + lagtime will stay a pain in the ass and forces two breakers. with inazuma three haha.

i personally dislike jackson howard simply for everybody playing it. it would be a great addition to this deck tho.

your deck is beautiful and i think i'll change somethink for Wall of Thorns and Lotus Field, my 3x tollboth-bro

and maybe i'll change to Shell Corporation + all nasty traps that fit will in.

14 Dec 2014 whuppo

changes: -1 Sagittarius +1 Ichi 1.0 -1 Viper +1 Architect -1 Heimdall 2.0 +1 Grim

14 Dec 2014 Oisin

Totally agree on the Wraparounds--I play against Criminal a lot and have to protect HQ turn one or it is Siphon city. Wraparound and Quandary let me do that early game. I can then install over them late game (or put one on the outside of a server so they can't inside job around a Tollbooth).

I also get the "everybody plays Jackson," but this is the one case where I would advocate following the herd. If you ever play against Noise or a Keyhole deck, you will see why Jackson is an auto-include in every Corp deck regardless of identity.

I've wanted to fit Shell Corp in my own deck, but just can't cut anything to fit it in. But, yeah, if you play Shell Corp with a few Aggressive Secretaries, then you don't really need sentries. "Either run this server and lose 2-3 programs or give me a stupid high pile of credits."

Good luck!

14 Dec 2014 whuppo

@Oisin i usually use paper wall against silly account siphons but it makes a lot sense with wraparound too. i've duplicated this deck and already made a version with our half god Jackson Howard. do you think if there'll be a time where Jackson is not an auto-include? maybe in 2034, i guess.

i checked your other decks for inspiration.