When Hayley's hopper arrives, I've gotta deal for her

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Hayley! Your friend, Johnny - er, sorry - Kate told me you were coming into town ( http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/13213/hey-johnny-have-i-got-a-deal-for-you- ). Have I got a deal for you. Sit back, and be amazed! But get your creds ready, because you aren't walking away from this without some new kit.

First, you'll have to excuse me. I'm dealing in exotic wares, and I couldn't find my Chameleons to demo ( http://i.imgur.com/E0HhyFa.jpg ). See these Creepers? Lets pretend for now, that they're the rare Chameleons that have been seen wandering around the draft starter packs.

I don't know if you've seen the Chameleons, but I can guarantee you'll like 'em. Most runners hate that you have install them every turn. But you, you'll love em! Especially once you see what else is in store for you. Let me refresh your memory:

  • Strength 3, , costs two s.
  • "When you install Chameleon, name sentry, code-gate, or barrier. Add Chameleon to your grip when your turn ends."
  • "1 : break a subroutine of the named subtype."

I know, I know...it is kind of an ugly duckling. But lets make it sing!

Other runners don't like it because it takes up a to install, and costs two s every time, and it has a fixed strength. To top it off, it is difficult to use it for face checking as you don't know what type of a breaker to make it. Ouch. Yeah, I know it doesn't sound good. But stay with me, Johnny - er, Hayley - I guarantee you'll love it!

  • Look at what you can do! You can make installing a program not take a , so long as it is the second program in your turn! But wait, there's more!
  • Savoir-faire makes it not even take a single click! And you can install two Chameleons with your ability for no clicks! What's that you say? It costs 2 s to use? Sure, lets address that:
  • Just install your Chameleons onto Scheherazade and you get a buck back! Now we're down to a 1 cost to install. Lets do better!
  • I bet you forgot about your old friend the Omni-Drive? Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman over there says she likes 'em, but never seems to use 'em. Lets reinvigorate them! If you install the Savoir-faire onto one of these babys, the pays for the second credit to use Savoir-faire.

Let me recap with how awesome this package is. You can install two programs per turn for no s, or additional s! I told you that you were going to want to hand over your hard-earned creds for this!

It gets better! Your ability, and Savoir-faires installs work both during your turn, and the corp's turn! Install your Chameleons during your turn when you run, and install the rest of your programs during the corp's turn for zero, I repeat, zero ! (Just remember that the from Omni-Drive only refreshes at the start of your turn.)

What about that limited strength of 3 for Chameleon? I got you covered. These long forgotten LLDS Processors are just what you were looking for. Since Chameleons are installed once per turn, they essentially always get super-strength! Datasucker will help out here as well. You'll get your Chameleons up to strength 6 in to time!

To fast track your memory and LLDS Processors, I threw in a few Replicators for ya. Your welcome. They do great things with your ability. Akamatsu Mem Chips have never been more appealing. Talk about a 50% cheaper CyberSolutions Mem Chip!

What's that you ask? How do you get the s to fund all of this, and how do you draw into your goodies?

  • Your trusty Magnum Opus will both be a good use for all those extra clicks you'll get, and give you the money you need to install your four -free program.
  • A little Diesel juice, and well-deserved R&R (Quality Time) will get you what you need.
  • I stole some Box-Es from a criminal (I know, ironic), which will help you with your memory issues, and help you hold all those beautiful pieces of hardware and programs you'll be swimming in. Between the Replicators, the draw cards, and the Chameleons hopping back into your hand, you'll need this help.

Lets go back to that pesky face-checking issue. I understand: you're worried about needing to install your Chameleons before you actually see the type of the ice. Now, I know you're a professor and all, don't you remember what we already talked about?

  • Savoir-faire lets you install mid-run! Get those Chameleons out with the types you want when you need them.
  • I don't need to tell a savvy Shaper such as yourself that Clone Chip and Self-modifying Code will take you the rest of the way.

What's that you say? Ah, you're worried about paying for the install cost of the Chameleons all the time. Fair enough. I've thrown a little surprise into the package:

  • Sahasrara will let you install one of 'em for free a turn! You might even consider putting some Cybsoft MacroDrive drives in there instead.

Now I'm going to put the cherry on top of this gorgeous package for you. Get ready to be astounded:

  • Autoscripter. That's right, now when you install your two Chameleons with Savoir-faire, you aren't only not spending a , your gaining a ! I knew you'd be impressed.

You can make a run per turn, with strength 6 breakers of all types, costing only 1 for installation costs, while still clicking for 8 . Alternatively, you can install four, count 'em four programs per turn, and gain a . Now tell me that's not awesome.

Multi-access? You see the glory behind making your programs and hardware sing. How could you sully such brilliant glory with such petty concerns. You're a Shaper, I know you'll be able to look past this small little (cough huge cough) omission when in the presence of such splendor.

I knew you'd come to your senses. This is too good to refuse. Pleasure doing business with you!

10 Jan 2015 Watzlav

I had to appreciate the thought you put into it and your write-up as well.

You got me very excited about Hayley, whom I was fond of before just because of the card's green background.

What I really like about your deck is that although it might seem like a combo with way too many moving parts, it's not like it doesn't work without all of them in place. You only need a few of them & the rest just synergistically makes it more efficient as it comes along.

My for you is, looking at your program suite, to consider replacing Parasuckers with D4V1D. If you did, I'd be interested in your reasoning behind it.

Also IMHO you could cut some . That leads me to another question. Why did you opt for Scheherezade, when you could host Chameleon on Omni-Drive to very similar effect?

The last qustion is slightly of topic, but you might have already put some thought into the answer.

Who will make the most use of Comet? Will it be somone else, like we've seen with Chaos Theory's Dinosaur?

11 Jan 2015 Halarith

First off: There's no better write-up than one that not only keeps the reader entertained, but also makes it easy for them to understand how the deck functions, and why the pieces are there. Very well done.

Second: Holy shit, this setup. While I absolutely love the idea of having super Chameleons every turn for practically no-cost, how long on average will this take to setup do you think? It's not so much that you need a fair bit of pieces, but that you also need them in a certain order, and you start to struggle if the right pieces don't come out at the right time. Yes, you're a Shaper and you can influence what comes out when with Self-modifying Code and Clone Chip, and maybe I'm worrying too much about it, but consistency is always my greatest fear in this game.

Overall, I am a huge fan of decks like these. While consistency is my greatest fear, efficiency is my favorite concept; absolutely loved your article behind runner economy engines. I'm glad someone finally did a detailed statistical overview regarding economy engines, and how it can affect our deck-building options in the long run.

11 Jan 2015 ycombinator

@Watzlav: Brilliant points. I agree. Though we're working with what amounts to a seven card combo, the interesting thing is that each of the pieces (LLDS Processor aside) is useful on its own. So the combo is one that increases efficiency, rather than being binary, all-or-nothing. The Parasite is in there for two reasons. 1) the Datasuckers naturally enable earlier aggression with Chameleons if you have a bad draw with your LLDS Processors. Datasuckers pair well with Parasite. 2) It is a little annoying to get into servers with >= three ice of different types. Eating one with a virus solves the problem. That said, D4v1d is a great idea. It would be better in Blue Sun match ups, and worse in RP matches. It would also remove some memory pressure and free up slots for more options. Worth testing!

Great question about Scheherazade vs Omni-Drive. That might be a great practical option. One thing this deck loves in Modded. Quality Time + Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar's ability + Modded gives very efficient turns. This would be doubly so if I took your advice, and used D4v1d, as some R&D Interfaces would probably be added. One thing to consider with Scheherazade: it can host both Chameleons that come out with Savoir-faire, thus discounting the second as well (Sahasrara makes them free). Second, a zero cost program is quite useful in this deck, as you often get it out for free (as the first program in the turn), and host the second program on it, thus discounting that program. However, it costs a slot, and a draw over just using Omni-Drive. More analysis and testing is required!

Re: Comet. Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar's ability makes you want to optimize for programs and hardware. So adding events to get utility out of Comet decreases the use of her ability. I love the idea of a Modded turning into two program's installed, and two events played (same with Test Run). However, I don't think it is really making the best use of the utility at hand.

I'm honestly quite fond of Comet in Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman. But that's mainly because I almost exclusively play her (I'll change it up when Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar comes out). Realistically, many good events are out of faction, so an id with more influence might make better use of it. I wouldn't be surprised if the best runner for Comet is outside of faction. Anarch event econ will go bonkers with order and chaos (wait for my anarch econ analysis on stimhack), and they're getting many amazing events. Criminal is obviously the faction of powerful events. All that said, I'll play it in Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman, though Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind is probably going to be best with it in faction.

Thanks for the post! Sorry for my long reply.

@Halarith: Honestly, this setup is what motivated the simulator. I also really want to know how consistent it can be, and what the average set up time is. It has to do well before it has all of its pieces in play. The question is, how well? I'm glad you liked the article, thanks for reading! I'm quite glad it seems helpful to others. I wasn't sure if I was the only one obsessed with optimization in deck building.

11 Jan 2015 cdwolstenholme

Trade-in could be really useful here. Install replicator, draw the second one, install the second one, then trade it in for LLDS/BOX-E/Omni-drive as needed.

11 Jan 2015 Jashay

Dinosaurus. How are you not running that? You've already got 2x Akamatsu Mem Chip, 2x Leprechaun and 3x Omni-Drive, so Box-Es memory is fairly redundant.

Slap a Chameleon on Dinosaurus with the LLDS Processors and you're looking at a breaker that can get through all bar perhaps 2 bits of ICE in the game?

11 Jan 2015 ycombinator

@cdwolstenholme: Agreed. I cut it at some point, but it might be nice to have in. One of the largest arguments for it is the ability to get the Autoscripter reliably. However adding consistency to the LLDS Processor draw is also important.

@Jashay: Early versions had it, for sure. However, the existing memory isn't quite enough if you remove Box-E. Not drawing the Replicator defangs Akamatsu Mem Chips too much. With two cards in hand being Chameleons, without something to add cards to hand, it gets dicey, so slots are probably required for Public Sympathy. So I think this is a different deck, but one absolutely worth tinkering with! I'll throw one together.

11 Jan 2015 ycombinator

@Watzlav: The problem I'm finding now with D4v1d is the lack of scavenges. I think you've hit on another deck, but I think it changes significantly. @Jashay's suggestion might solve the same problem: LLDS Processor and Dinosaurus might laugh off the high strength ice (Curtain Wall and Wotan being the exceptions, which Cerberus "Lady" H1 takes care of). Not really sure which way to go.

11 Jan 2015 4dd150n

I am amazed by both the creativity of this write-up and the ingenuity of this deck and the combos contained therein. Truly original.

13 Jan 2015 pants on head

Given all the MU solutions you are running (Leprechaun,Akamatsu Mem Chip, Box-E), have you thought about Collective Consciousness as a source of draw, maybe in place of the Quality Time?

13 Jan 2015 pants on head

Also, what about Game Day as a solution to handsize? This deck seems that it could afford to lose a click each turn once it gets going.

13 Jan 2015 ycombinator

@pants on head: I've been playing around with Collective Consciousness for a while. Clickless card draw is really quite required in many shaper Magnum Opus decks. However, I've found it is good when 1) you can get it out early which often requires 3 copies, 2) you have the ability to face check ice safely and aggressively, and 3) you don't use an Magnum Opus economy. The last point is because, due to the first point, you're going up to 4 very quickly, which makes (2) very difficult. Thus, I have a Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman build that uses it, but I can't fit it in anywhere else.

Game Day is not an appealing card to me. First, remember that it is an event, so it isn't really a every turn, just an extra when you play the event (i.e. it is a double). Second, lets compare to Quality Time. Quality Time is OK at pretty much any point in the game if you need to dig. If you don't have s, you may discard, but sometimes that's an OK cost of digging. Game Day is only really efficient if you have 0 or 1 cards in hand, which is often not the case when you need to dig.

If you can get a larger hand size, it can be great, obviously, but that is later-game when you're probably set up anyway. Kind of a "win more" effect. Another problem with this deck is that you'll very rarely go down to 0 or 1 cards in hand. The Chameleons are keeping you at 1 to 3 most of the time.

That said, if draw is an issue in the current template, Game Day might be a good one-of.


13 Jan 2015 ycombinator

The next version is at netrunnerdb.com Check it out!

17 Jan 2015 smartercookie

I am a relatively new player, so maybe I'm missing something here, but can this econ really work?

18 Jan 2015 gparmer

Magnum Opus is an econ powerhouse. You get it out first turn and you're good to go, so long as you have the clicks. The combo gives you the clicks. You can get it out early due to the early tutors. Good question!

15 Apr 2015 the_eigensheep

Wondering if an Escher or two would be practical to rearrange ice of similar types and reduce the need for multiple Chameleons?