Purple Brobots v1.3

Four_Leaf 93


When I originally saw the ability of Stronger Together I immediately thought of some of my favorite tribal and weenie decks from MTG where a bunch of small things add up to a big problem. I had to use this ID to replicate that concept in a different game.

I knew that to make this concept work I had to have a few things. I first needed a bunch of ice that would be taxing and also have some stopping power. I then needed in my head 70% of them to be Bioroid to make use of the identity, or I'd just use ETF. Lastly and most importantly, I wanted ice that needed to be respected. I was then left with a bunch of options that actually played out better than I thought it would.

The Build

It is a glacial style tax build, running 20 ice and intends on icing up every central before creating a scoring remote.

I ended up with:

  • 15/19 Bioroid Ice (including mother goddess once I have another bioroid online)
  • 10 ice that costs 4 or less. 12 with worm adv.
  • 13/19 with ETR routines, 15 if I use wormhole.
  • 16/19 with double routines


I borrowed concepts from both Theodorelogan and Jashay when using my influence from their stronger together decks.

  • Caprice Nisei is great in this deck.

  • Wormhole I'm testing this card in place of Inazuma. Being able to just resolve a routine to trash a program, or end the run, or give brain damage is appealing. If you have time, this thing isn't even expensive. Even if you do pay the full 9, it looks like it's worth it in a deck that can destroy icebreakers.

  • Jackson Howard stays in here as 3 because he is always good and we can abuse ABT by just pulling the trigger with no regards if he is on the table. This deck is weaker with ABT than other decks due to having smaller ice, but free is free.

Playing the Deck

The style is pretty easy to pilot.

  1. Spread your ice across all centrals at least 2 deep on on important centrals to start
  2. Get a remote set up for economy first, later scoring
  • I typically ice up a remote with a single enigma, victor or eli preferably to put Adonis Campaign in there. Always leave Private Contracts unprotected. If they want to trash it, that's fine. We have 10 economy cards and most of them generate a good amount of money. A single Adonis that ticks out is worth 2 hedges.

    • Mid-End game build up your servers and make scoring windows. The deck doesn't play fast or slow, somewhere inbetween. I generally have 3-4 ice deep on at least one of my centrals, 3-4 on my scoring server, with the rest being 2-3 unless they aren't interested in archives (no Sneakdoor or Noise).

Choices and Flavor

My agendas are missing something most other lists are, Priority Requisition and that's because it actually is terrible in this list. I don't plan on getting lucky on Accelerated Beta Test and flipping into Janus 1.0 or Heimdall 2.0. I'm playing for consistency and scoring a Project Wotan will put a single Eli at 5 str and 5 ETR routines on it.... kinda good I think. A corroder pays 8 credits for this piece alone not including clicking through.

  • Markus 1.0 I think is actually a bad card to have 3 of. I had 2 in this list and wanted something else, but when I thought about it, it's better than Wall of Static by 1 power and 1 routine and better than Bastion by a subroutine. I removed it entirely after testing due to the fact that people would click through it early and not care. I ended up putting it back in. I think it's the weakest piece of ice I run. Not sure what to replace it with.

  • Enigma is run in most decks. Powerful etr and taxing.

  • Enhanced Login Protocol took the place of Lag Time but I like both. I think ELP is better, so I'm sticking with it.

  • Successful Demonstration I've never seen a deck use it better than this one. I ran it for two weeks testing and hated it after some time. The issue with it isn't the power. The issue is that the runner never runs unless they're certain they can get in. I'd just be holding them for turns and turns.

  • Eve Campaign I play her completely unguarded and let them check it. If they trash it, I just taxed the runner 5 credits, if they let me have it, I rez it. I will only guard this if I have extra ice or something small like victor 1.0

  • No Janus 1.0, Wotan, and only a single of Ichi 2.0. They really have zero synergy in this type of deck. I dislike Bioroid Efficiency Research a lot because that's a two card combo, requiring me to find both of them and takes up a spot that I can use for more ice, or assets or operations to make money.


One thing I want to find is a better use of influence. 8 on Caprice feels amazing and it should probably stay. The 3 on Jackson is needed if you're greedy like me and always want to fire off Accelerated Beta Test, but that leaves us with 4 left to spend.

I tried Data Raven and I hated seeing it in my opening hand. I don't care about tagging and trashing their resources. Let them run a 15 credit run end game only to hit caprice or realize that I have a scored Project Wotan and their math was off.

I had an Aggressive Secretary in this to have some bluffing power since after you play this once, you realize everything I put down is a money card, or an agenda, neither of which is bad to run into.

I might eventually drop a caprice and put in a Project Junebug or something evil to just drop people. It's a shame how good caprice is after they go through all the tax, or I'd already have something else.

Changes from 1.2

  • -1 False Lead
  • -2 Priority Req
  • -1 Eve Campaign
  • -2 Pad Campaign
  • -1 Wall of Static
  • -2 Inazuma

  • +1 Gila Hands

  • +1 NAPD
  • +1 Project Wotan
  • +2 Private Contracts
  • +1 Heimdall 1.0
  • +1 Markus 1.0
  • +2 Wormhole

The Future of Stronger Together

I'd like to think that I'm onto something here and that this ID is meant to be played with a weenie style concept. I have found this version to be stable and perform how I want it against every faction. Shaper is the hardest only because of the opus. kati is the next best thing and she works too. A rich runner can get in, but that goes for every deck right?

Thank you for reading my long entangled mess of thoughts. If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to list them. I know there is room for this deck to improve. If you disagree with something I have in here, state why with another suggestion or sound reasoning. Thanks again everyone