I've Prepped for Aginfusion (Parasite + Şifr Hayley)

percomis 1123

After being badly beaten by @Korrigan's Aginfusion monster I was worried that it might be the start of a trend and looked for a deck that can handle that and anything else that has Komainu in it (PTSD with Faust). The meta in our region is a weird one and I didn't really expect to see Moon decks, so to quote (and paraphrase) the great Theo Clifford: "Oh, Parasifr is awesome. Play that if you don't expect Moons."

So I did and I won Hungarian Regionals with it.

Based on @Circadia's Glitchfork, I modified it to the meta I expected to see (+1 Employee Strike for Aginfusion and Skorpios, +1 Plop for Caprices and Crisiums), but to be honest I really missed the Legwork. The 2nd Plop really didn't pay off and I couldn't draw any of my strikes in the single game it actually mattered (to get rid of Door to Door from Making News). So the original list is probably generally better.

Anyhow, destroying ice and Indexing into Mad Dash is still fun and wins games. If you don't expect Moons it's a perfectly valid plan.