Good Stuff Leela(1st at Indianapolis GNK, 3-2 overall)

Diomedes 121

Based on

Almost the exact same list as the one linked, I just removed the mining accidents for a clone chip and another turning wheel. Didn't end up using the clone chip a single time all day but oh well. The list was very solid, so thanks to skry for coming up with it! Favorite card on the day was Baklan, it was quite good.

Overall it won vs Outfit round one, lost handily vs RLC Titan round two, lost a nailbiter to NEXT Design round 3, and then won vs ASA Group round 4. In the cut it won in the final game vs the same ASA group to win the tournament.

Thanks to everyone that came to the tournament, it was easily Indy's biggest one since regionals last year!