[2023H2 Circuit Opener] Bone Brew

zombiak 26

After the ban of Endurance, the empty shell of Liberté, Égalité, René is in desperate need of a new console, so I decided to try something new for the 11/02 Circuit Opener in Chorzów. Does it work? Well...

The Cezve+Twinning combo is good, works well with Eru for surprise 4-card digs and supports deep 6-card Finality accesses really well, but the influence is tight. Marrrow as a console was a bit of an afterthought, but it worked well in PE matchups with the additional handsize; I'd say it's better value than Carnivore currently (too expensive and somewhat forcing you into putting Strike Funds in, without recursion to use them to full potential).

However, the deck went 1-3 on the day, with the other games being somewhat close. In most cases, +1MU wasn't even that necessary. I wouldn't cut Botulus like certain Cezve+Twinning Loup lists - it very rarely went to full MU, with a Botulus, a breaker, Cezve and 'utility' (Imp/Fermenter) in place. Airblade was very useful against PE and R+. I'd say it's a good deck if you expect a lot of PE in the meta.

With all said, I'd probably cut Cezve, Marrow and Twinning and go for Pennyshaver/Hermes, with Jailbreak and maybe some additional card draw (as the deck clicks a lot for cards).