Bendy Spoony (First at NYC Regionals)

osclate 688

I've been on Maxx nonstop since regionals season last year, and I guess all that practice finally paid off! I'd been working hard on Turtle/Crowdfunding Maxx, but after looking at Nemamiah's Euros list (, I decided to try the Engolo/Levy version, and boy, what a difference. I didn't realize how hard I was working until suddenly I didn't have to force three runs a turn and avoid Turtle lockout. This deck was a breeze to play in comparison!

Patchwork is a great console, but Maw is just so fun, so I made it work. I do think it's strong in this meta where many corps need to hold combo pieces to win.

I am terribly undisciplined and have 46 cards, so someone better than me should figure out what to cut. I'd love a 3rd Maw, but 47 cards was out of the question :)

In swiss, Maxx went 3-2 (I won vs PE, Outfit, and Blue Sun, and lost twice to Azmari). In the cut, I went 1-1 vs Azmari. So Argus is what carried the day by only dropping one game.

Thank you to the -NYC meta for hosting! You are all lovely people, and it was a wonderful day of Netrunner.

23 Jun 2019 CritHitd20

I'm not better than you, but I would cut the Bhagat since it doesn't work well when milled and doesn't accelerate the game plan of tearing down servers. Rebirth is enough to force a credible defense on Archives and TTW+Maw is already a lot of pressure on the other centrals.

18 Jul 2019 CryptoGraham

Why not 47 card MaxX? 47 - 5 is divisible by 3, and you're always drawing/milling anyhow!